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4 Surprising Electronics You Can Recycle, No Hoax

List of Recyclable Electronics

This article shares with you four common items of the Electronics You Can Recycle, you probably didn’t know could be recycled. While technology can lead to great steps forward, what to do with electronics we are no longer using can be a setback. Several reasons exist as to why disposing of our technology is a tricky business. Some devices contain components that are unsafe for the landfill. Other items such as hard drives require data destruction to protect sensitive information. You may be surprised to know the variety of electronic items that can actually be recycled!

Surprising Electronics You Can Recycle

1. Video Surveillance Systems

Security systems that utilize video surveillance were once mostly found in commercial locations but are quickly becoming more common in residential homes. Whether you are updating your system, replacing it, or simply removing it, this item can be recycled. If you live in Fort Lauderdale electronics recycling is made easy by experienced local electronics recycling companies that even offer residential and commercial pick-up services.

2. Medical Equipment

Medical equipment is often in need of updating or replacement. Some of these devices need to be disposed of because they no longer work; others are only intended for single-person usage, such as certain kinds of respirators or breastmilk pumps. Medical devices typically end up at the landfill but can usually be recycled. Finding recycling options for medical devices is a responsible choice.

3. DVD Discs

Home entertainment is constantly evolving, and many households are now streaming movies rather than using DVD discs. While it is possible to sell old DVDs, sometimes this option is not worth the time or trouble, or you may have DVDs that are scratched and simply unusable. Recycling is a great option for DVD discs. While you are at it, you can also recycle old DVD players and other home entertainment items.

4. Cell Phones

Most people know they can sell or donate their old cell phones, but what about the ones that are so broken they are no longer usable? Don’t be tempted to throw these in the trash; cell phones can be recycled. Cell phones contain hazardous materials such as lead, mercury, and cadmium. Keeping these materials out of landfills is important to the environmental future of our planet. You may also be surprised to know that valuable minerals can be recovered from cell phones, including copper, gold, palladium, and silver.

Recycling services for electronics can not only simplify life now by removing out-of-use items from your home or business, but they also ensure the future by processing components safely. Before you toss your old tech on the trash heap, be sure to check into local recycling services. They are usually very happy to answer any questions you may have about the safe disposal of your electronics.

list of electronics you can recycle
CnwinTech: List of Electronics You Can Recycle

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