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Motorola DTR410 Walky Talky, Two Way Radios Best for Medical Office

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Means of communication is growing more rapidly. Starting from the home phone, cell phone to the internet. But all is not free, mobile phone, home phone and Internet networks definitely need the operator services to functioning. Automatically we must pay credits or some subscription fee.

In addition, communication tools mentioned above are also limited in terms of place/site usage. Mobile phone, we can not use in locations that are not available operator services. Home phone will need the connections installation to communicate and not mobile. Internet similar to the mobile phone, also requires service providers.

And what about those of you who are in remote areas, while we need supporting of communication on an ongoing basis? Do we have to go up to the top of the hill or up the tree to find a good operator signal? One solution we could tried to use Walky Talky.

Walkie Talkie is a medium-range radio communication devices that do not need operator services, have to subscribe, and it’s free. Because these tools rely on the internal radio frequency network in operation then we do not need to pay subscription fee for service operators. During this Walky Talky alive we can still communicate using two-way radio link.

Ago, walkie talkies especially developed for military application, but now are widely used in business applications, and even medical to enhance communication faster and cheaper.

One manufacturer of these tools is Motorola which develops two-way radio business solutions for medical offices. By using medical office two way radios, allows the office managers, nurses, receptionist staff, and doctors to keep in touch and each others and keep coordinate in remote easily.

Below you can see the highlights of Motorola DTR410:

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  • Multi-channel unit operating on the 900MHz ISM band. Range and signal strength equal that of a 4-Watt radio.
  • A Business Radio with NO FCC license need.
  • 100 unit contact list with up to 5 public groups.
  • Battery saving 1-Watt digital radio lasts 14.5 hours on a single charge.
  • Transmit your business goals across 300,000 sq.ft. and up to 25 floors.
  • Crystal clear digital audio technology that’s Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum PRIVATE with 50 non-overlapping groups!
  • Up to 14.5 hours battery life with the default battery, 1200 mAH Li-ion. Up to 19 with the 1500 mAH Li-ion (upgrade battery).
  • Charge in 3 hours.
  • 2-pin audio accessory jack with connector cover.
  • Battery meter
  • Full-graphic backlit display with contrast adjustment and backlight timer
  • Caller ID and Call Forwarding
  • Over the Air Time/Date update and Contact List distribution
  • Remote disable and monitor functions (initiate and receive)
  • Built-in anti-microbial protection to prevent build up of viruses and bacteria on the radio.
  • Daily alarm feature.

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