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Performance Management Apps for Enterprise Application

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Performance management application is all about delivering business apps that meet the expectations of customers with in-depth monitoring, quick tips and tracking the end-user experience. To do that, the IT Operations team also had to control the entire process of application delivery. They should be able to make intelligent decisions and solve problems quickly and optimally utilize their time. All of this application user experience in the end result is to satisfied customers, efficiently run IT operation and to get better ROI.

Enterprise performance management application tools consists of End User Experience Monitoring, Infrastructure Performance Management and performance troubleshooting tool.

a) Infrastructure Performance Management:

It consists of tracking metrics and server application performance and ensure optimal use of the server. Traditional monitoring tools do a simple uptime or stops by monitoring CPU utilization or memory usage of the server. But the infrastructure becomes complex, it is important to monitor the application on the server and their performance metrics to better understand where the bottleneck is. With N Tier application architecture, comes complexity. Therefore, it is also important to monitor the uptime and performance of various levels such as database servers, web servers, mail servers, and other web services.

b) End User Experience Monitoring:

This capability ensures better quality of experience for end users in the enterprise LAN. Besides helping companies to monitor the critical mission (SaaS) applications they provide to customers. Monitoring the end user experience help to prove and ensure your business fields conform with SLA as is promised in word and acts.

c) Performance Troubleshooting:

Troubleshooting tools apps can help you to find out the root cause of the problems reported. For example, Java Transaction Monitoring tool can get into the details of the transaction executes in a Java Application Server and help you to identify SQL Query which take time to implement or which method in Java class that slow down the application. It helps save valuable time for your application team to resolve the issue. In the long term, it also helps ensure better-performing applications that are not only develops but also a reliable make life easier for IT operations.

Enterprise applications require high scalability to fulfill large end user base. The main issue faced by the IT team within the organization to monitor uptime and ensure good performance for their business applications. To overcome this problem, companies need to make strategic investments in end-to-end application performance management tool that can empower IT Operations team to deliver business applications that meet customer expectations.

Enterprises needs highly scalable architecture to meet their business requirements. This architecture makes complex for IT Administrators to manage using traditional NSM tools. Moreover, the pressure to deliver more with fewer resources forced companies to make optimum use of the available hardware without compromising the end user experience.

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Aternity helps CIO to ensure their investment in mission-critical applications which work as planned in production. In addition, Performance Management Apps helps in finding out application downtime, capacity planning, and rapid problem solving by encapsulating the complexity of monitoring heterogeneous IT environments.

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