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CCS&ES Insulation & Refractory Materials

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Refractory is a Heat Resistant Material. Because the heat often linked with fire, it can also be called Fire Resistant Materials. The main constituent of Refractory material similar to the ceramic elements purified soil. The main refractory element is usually alumina or silica or SiO2 and Al2O3. Additional supporting elements such as MgO, Zircon ZrO2 and Fe2O3.

Refractory applications widely used or required in industries that use Furnace, Kiln or the furnace in industrial glass, Glass, Steel, Aluminum and combustion like Ceramic Industry, as insulating material between the products of high temperature with outside air, or as a container for the product through the process smelting. Different constituent materials for every application, many glasses are suppose to use Alumina, Silica, Zircon, while it contains a lot of Magnesium to Steel.

There are several ways of making, which is like the process of making bricks. Mixed material put into the mold, or like making pudding, the liquid poured into molds and allowed to cool, and then burned at a temperature of about 1250 Celsius to harden. For the refractory in cement form, typically used to patch or add to the refractory thickness, direct material used in the part you want partitioned.

Looking for the best refractory material out there is not easy. CCS&ES specializes in matching the right heat containment materials to the application. As an independent supplier, providing unique perspective to the product selection process – one free of industry or brand bias. CCS&ES can specify, install and service any type of refractory material from basics such as dead burned magnesia, to engineered refractory brick and pre-cast shapes, to joint-free monolithic refractory cement. There are insulation and refractory materials offered, including:

Waterless/rapid cure refractory materials

The two-part waterless system mixes in less than one minute and is fully cured and ready for heat up within four hours. For fast turnaround on new installations or repairs, CCS&ES recommends using rapid cure refractories, an engineered refractory material that eliminates the lengthy cure time required for conventional materials.

Ceramic fiber insulation materials

CCS&ES offers a range of ceramic fiber modules and ceramic fiber insulation products. Flexible ceramic fiber insulation materials give ease of handling without compromising conductivity, thermal shock resistance or low heat storage capacity.

Thermbond® refractory materials

Thermbond’s unique technology allows the refractory to bond to its self or other refractories with virtually no cold-joints and is abrasion resistance and physical strength is high. This important feature makes Thermbond very easy to install, turning its fast set-times to great advantage.

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CCS&ES is licensed and authorized with factory-trained technicians to offer cost effective product solutions for the thermal oxidation industry. They can even help you rebuild or retrofit their oxidizer systems. Through years of service plus skilled team has developed a vast knowledge of a variety of oxidizers and refractory materials. CCS&ES is your source for knowledgeable thermal oxidizer sales, service, maintenance and more!

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