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Why UAV Mapping Is the Way to Go for Shoreline Design and Development

The digital future of shoreline mapping and surveying is here now. UAV services are an in-demand way of gathering needed information in an accurate, more hands-off fashion. It is perfect for areas that are difficult to access and get proper measurements and views.

What is UAV Mapping and Surveying?

The use of drone technology has created a unique way to create an accurate map and survey detail for any shoreline project in the beginning planning stage. It eliminates the need to get out on the water in boats and manually gather pictures, take measurements, and scope the territory. It efficiently provides the needed information accurately.

Inexpensive Method of Property Inspection and Survey

An unmanned aerial vehicle can cover far more territory in a short amount of time than traditional survey methods. It drastically reduces the cost of your shoreline development project. You will require fewer people for information gathering and survey marking. The use of drones has proven increasingly popular when approaching shoreline design due to the often tricky terrain involved. It helps define the exact amount of can property and helps identify existing construction hazards.

UAV Mapping Provides Fast Results

The UAV pilot is able to see the visual results in real-time when using this technology. The information gathered completes the picture needed to engineer the best shoreline project design possible. The aid of computer programs helps define the critical elements that determine best practices for construction projects in sensitive areas. It assists in better project oversite and management.

Easy to Expand Area Views

The need to expand the view and increase aerial coverage happens for any number of reasons. You may want to scope out the areas of shoreline on either side to spot potential future problems with soil erosion. It can help in planning soil erosion for the project at hand. The UAV surveying and mapping method will assist in picking up any potential problem in incredible detail.

Safe Survey Method Over Land and Water

Unmanned Ariel mapping and survey systems are the safest and most comfortable method over harsh land and water surfaces. It requires less field walking, which provides the potential for slip-and-fall injuries. You will get the results you need quickly, accurately, and safely.

Call on professionally piloted UAV experts like Red Barn Engineering for your shoreline design Seattle WA survey and mapping needs today!

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