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12 Binoculars Security in Golden Dragon Year 2012

cnwintech trend micro on gold dragon 20121
There are many interesting things that need to be considered by IT security workers in 2012, the trend growth of the smartphone market, and ultrabook tablets, and cloud, become the main focus of data security in 2012. System and technology improves, but the criminals will be more sophisticated, because it’s important for you to prepare for this trend. Security research made by Raimund Ganes, CTO of Trend Micro, a company for internet security and cloud, giving its predictions.

First: Be prepared in the Era of BYOD

Although there are still many companies who feel uncomfortable with the “consumerism IT”, security and data breach incidents in 2012 will force companies to face the era of Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD).

BYOD era can not be avoided along with the development of devices ranging from ultrabook to tablets, to the stored data can no longer fully controlled by the IT admistrator, possible loss of data through the use of personal devices will increase.

Second: Secure Data Center

The real challenge that will face the owner of the data center in future years is the increasing complexity of security for virtual systems, physical and cloud. The attack targeted at the virtual machine and services on cloud computing.

Virtual and cloud platforms remains a gap to attacked. This course will become a burden for IT staff to secure their data, as long as they adopt this technology. Securing the server virtualization is the main thing, in which crime data theft can occur through a vulnerable system.

Third: The attacks on the Smartphone and Tablet

The rapid growth of smartphones, via Android, and the presence of tablets, is expected also not spared from attack in 2012. With a growth rate of examples of new malware today, Trend Micro predicts will see more than 100 thousand malicious trojan that appears on Android until December 2012 when the growth rate kept going.

Fourth: Cracks in Mobile Applications

The emergence of many market applications in several smartphone operating system, making cyber criminals to exploit this pathway. Nowadays, criminals use it as a malicious application. It could be because the developer has the wrong encoding so that criminals exploited this vulnerability. Or, the criminals deliberately making applications after the user downloaded and installed detrimental.

Fifth: Botnet Still There

Botnet, the traditional tools of cyber crime, will evolve in response to actions taken by the security industry. Botnets are becoming smaller, but it would be more easily managed as a medium for distributing malware to visitors computer, stealing passwords (scam), mass-emails to hundreds of thousands of addresses (spam), your website data stealing (theft), fraud, pay-per-click (abuse) and make your server IP blacklisted by various services.

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Sixth: Unusual Attacks

Target of hackers attacks will be aimed on targets that are not unusual, as the manufacturer of industrial control systems, and medical equipment to retrieve the intelligence data and assets of several companies. Threat like Stuxnet, or Duqu, who had infiltrated the Iranian nuclear reactor, will re-emerge with a target of an unexpected attack.

Seventh: The more Creative Cyber ??Crime

In the future cyber criminals will find more creative ways not only in making data theft, but also to hide from law enforcement.

Eighth: Beware of Attack from Hacker Group

Year 2011 was marked by the presence of the hacker group Anonymous and Lulzsec, who managed to scramble and destroy data cyberspace. Sony and Playstation Network had felt their attacks. Though some of these groups have been arrested, they are still free to continue launching a campaign against the attacks of certain institutions.

Ninth: No Personal Information Confidential Again

Next year along with the many users of social media from young children, now the data that used to be confidential such as email address, home address, and telephone number of any person, can now easily be announced through their social media accounts. And this of course, without them knowing it would be an ideal prospect for cyber crime.

Tenth: Social Engineering Attacks Targeted to SMEs

2012 predicted to social engineering techniques to get personal data more diverse, and also infiltrated the SME sector. Where this sector was sometimes escaped from the supervision, of course, by exploiting a human weakness, not the tools and systems.

Eleventh: The more Sophisticated Tools of Cybercime

Now the tools to do cybercrime become more sophisticated, including from intellectual actors and funders of attack. Activities of the Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) agents: An organization with suppliers of funds that aim to steal an intellectual property company or its lay language is company data will increase.

Twelve: Malware spike

Data loss caused by malware infections will increase next year. In 2011 from January until July 2011 malware android have increased 1410% compared to 2010, and 3.5 new threat created for each second.

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