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The Importance of Radio Advertising Technology in Your Marketing Strategy

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According to radio consultant Bay Area Radio Advertising, radio reaches more than 228 million Americans each week. Compared with television, radio media advertising is less expensive. For small businesses, the radio can be cost-effective. Due to the number and variety of radio stations are plentiful, also offers advantages that able to target specific demographic groups.

High Reach

More than 80 percent of Americans listen to radio in the car. People tune in, their home offices, elevators, outdoors and even in the dentist’s office. With the Internet and satellite radio, people listen to the radio more than ever.

Radio did a great job of reaching large numbers of people, increases the likelihood that your message will be heard. To be effective, you must hear radio messages three times or more in a single week.

Targeted Market

With a radio station that specializes in rap music, oldies, pop, Christian, gospel, hip-hop, classical, contemporary music, talk shows, auction and sports on air, you can find a station that customers enjoy. Imagine reaching 100,000 potential clients every day. That’s the power of radio.

Low Cost

Create radio campaigns are much cheaper than on television. In 2009, if you record a commercial with professional sound, sound effects and studio costs, expect to pay an average of $ 1,500 for a 30-second spot. Compare with 30 seconds on television, which can run $ 126,204, according to the independent media agency, TargetCast TCM.

Creative campaign

Radio is interesting because the imagination of the listener is empowered. Just think of the famous commercial restaurant for 1/4-lb. cheeseburger. As the broadcaster describes the melting of cheese into the bread, your mouth starts drooling, and you start thinking about where to eat lunch. Radio is effective.


To stretch your marketing dollars, tie in with special events and promotions in your community. Frequently, a radio station broadcast from remote locations to support non-profit events and business promotions. If the remote broadcast out from your budget, find out when the next remote non-profit will be held and tie your ad campaign into it. For example, if the radio stations will broadcast from women’s conference next month, use your commercial to advertise discounts for anyone bringing in the program of the conference. Radio is versatile so you might have to think of creative ways to use them to your advantage.

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