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Common Office Printer Problems

You rely on the printer in your Washington DC office. When it stops working, the office can come to a screeching halt until the issue is resolved. Trying to fix printer problems can be incredibly frustrating. While some issues can be easily resolved, some require professional assistance.

The Printer is “Ghosting”

Ghosting is a term that refers to an issue in which the print from your first page is visible on the next. It tends to happen when the printer is getting on in years and the ink kit or the drum are starting to wear out. You don’t necessarily have to replace the whole printer. Calling printer repair washington dc can diagnose the issue and fix or replace the offending part.

Continual Jamming

Paper jams are a very common office printer problem usually caused by alignment issues. When your paper isn’t aligned correctly, sheets may jut out. They are more likely to get caught in the printer and cause a jam. Paper jams may also happen if you overload the tray.

It Just Won’t Print

There are a few reasons why a printer won’t print. Sometimes, this happens because the USB or Ethernet cable comes loose. If your printer operates wirelessly, there may be a network issue. Your computer may not have the appropriate drivers or the drivers installed are corrupted.

It’s Taking Too Long

If your printer is wireless, it will operate best within a certain distance from the router. It may be printing slow because the machine is too far away. The further apart the two are, the more likely the printer is to lag. Sometimes, lag may also happen if your printer quality is set too high.

The last thing your office needs is for your printer to go down. Scheduling regular printer maintenance can help to prevent breakdowns. In turn, this will help to keep hiccups in your day to a minimum.

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