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Asus Desktop CP6230 Performance Review, Provident for Office

asus desktop cp6230 id001d performance review provident for office 2

Asus CP6230 present as an office computer solutions for SMEs are concerned with practicality and efficient power usage. Asus presents a desktop PC with CP6230 series specifically intended for office users. However home users is quite feasible to use it. Why so? Judging from its physical form, this type offers a slim and compact body that fits placed in room or a small table.

Based on the specifications, the product is specific to lightweight computing, such as typing, surfing, to run multimedia files. The specification has also been fitted with low power usage. PSU that has been integrated with casing capable of handling up to 200 watts of electrical power. Motherboard is also using EPU technology which saves power consumption up to 40%.

Asus CP6230 equipped with Intel processors Core i3-2120 clocked 3.3 GHz. Support Intel H61 motherboard does allow you to upgrade to Intel processors Core i5 or i7. But keep in mind, because it uses a mini motherboard type, not all processors can be used. Plus PSU power capacity with 200 watts only. So carefully closely if you want to upgrade the processor.

Output display only uses port D-Sub and HDMI, no DVI. With HDMI, you are allowed to channel high-definition content to display files that support it. Also included a single-sized LCD 18.5 inch Asus VS197D using only D-Sub connection.

CPU also made to be safe from harmful radiation and is claimed to minimize radiation up to 40% compared to standard desktop designs generally. Embedded with Intel HD Graphics 3000 graphics, this device already supports DirectX 10. However, you do not expect a significant improvement while playing a game. Fortunately the graphics chip still can you use to run a high-definition multimedia content seamlessly.

Asus CP6239 desktop is a complete desktop PC package for everyday computing activities. With small size, sleek, and power saving, this product is suitable for home or office. But if you are among those who like to upgrade a component or heavy 3D gaming hobby, you should just forget this product.

Test Results for Asus Desktop CP6230-ID001D

SYSmark 2012 V1.0.0.54 (64 bit) Rating 111
PCMark7 Professional Edition v1.0.4 2236
3DMark Vantage V.1.0.2 P950
Cinebench R11.5 3.18 pts
Sisoft Sandra Lite 2011 SP4c Dhrystone 64 GIPS
Sisoft Sandra Lite 2011 SP4c Whetstone 39.89 GFLOPS
Audio encoding 1208 seconds
Video encoding 82 seconds


processor Intel Core i3-2120 (3M Cache, 3.3 GHz)
RAM 2 GB DDR3-1333
motherboard Intel H61
Graphics Card Intel HD Graphics 3000
Sound Card Realtek ALC887
hard disk 500 GB 7200RPM SATA-III ST3500413AS
Optical drive DVD + / – RW (ATAPI DVD A DH24ABS)
wireless None
Others Peripheral Front panel: card reader 4-in-1, audio, 2x USB 3.0
Operating System DOS
monitor Asus VS197, 18.5-inch 1366×768
Weight (without monitor) 5.76 kg
guarantee 2 Years
Website http://www.asus.com
Price (range*) US$ 585
asus desktop cp6230 id001d performance review provident for office 1 2

1available ads room - 728x90

Difficult when Upgrade
Although still possible, you will be a little bothered if you want to upgrade. Because the space available is very narrow.

asus desktop cp6230 id001d performance review provident for office 2

One Package
In the package are included mouse, keyboard, and with 18.5 inches LCD monitor VS197 type.

asus desktop cp6230 id001d performance review provident for office 2 2

Already USB 3.0
In addition to a memory card reader and audio, for faster data transfer, has been used as much as 2 USB 3.0 ports.


Plus: USB 3.0 on the front; power saving; silent, and not heat; HDMI connections; low-radiation design; brief design.

Minus: A bit difficult to upgrade, without Windows OS.

Score Assessment
 - Performance: 3.75
 - Facilities: 3.75
 - Ease: 3.75
 - Price: 3.75
 - Total Score: 3.75

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