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Converting Game through 3D Game Converter On LG Optimus 3D

cnwintech 3d converter lg optimus 3d
After some time ago, LG Mobile present a smart phone LG Optimus 3D, and we get a chance to do a review on this product in last August, on this occasion LG introduced a new software that can convert 2D into 3D gaming. Software called 3D Game Converter can be easily done by LG 3D Optimus phones users based on Android.
cnwintech 3d game converter lg optimus 3dThe first time, users can install and activate 3D Game Converter to enjoy 3D in 2D games change. Note that not all games can be converted from 2D into 3D, only game with OpenGL-based and which have landscape view that can be changed to 3D. Games that have been converted to 3D can still be returned to 2D version of course.

3D Game Converter software have ability to analyze image objects and separate into two distinct 2D background images, both for the front view and the view background. The object image will be divided into two, and each will be accepted by the right eye and left eye, thus creating an illusion of visual depth which is different for both eyes. This technology uses a thin film called Parallax Barrier.
cnwintech 3d game converter lg optimus 3d back
When 2D game opened with software 3D Game Converter, this program will automatically scan and match game with a list of 2D mobile game that has been optimized for 3D conversion. If found, then the game will be converted to the default visual settings. If not found, the game can still do the conversion but with manual settings. For now, there are about 100 games from 2D to 3D that already enjoyed by users of LG Optimus 3D games like Angry Birds, Angry Bird Rio, Aspalt 5 and FIFA 10.
cnwintech 3d converter lg optimus 3d hands on

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