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Upgrade Your Employee Time Clock Software With a Fall Special Offer From Time Clock eShop.com

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Time Clock eShop.com has offered a variety of high-quality time clocks to small and large businesses since 1962. They help customers save money by controlling excess labor costs and offering premium, affordable time clock products.

Time Clock eShop.com announces the launch of a fall special offer on time clock products now through Dec. 31, 2011. Small and large businesses that use employee time clocks can use offer code DECPACK to receive a free management plus pack and a free Web punch upgrade. Additional offers include free shipping on time cards and all orders over $75 (must be within the contiguous United States).

Time Clock eShop.com offers a variety of time clock products to meet a full range of commercial customers’ needs. Time clock products include time clock software, biometric time clocks and traditional employee time clocks.

“Our time clock software works like an advanced ‘engine’ to process time-keeping hours,” says Lance Carpenter, representative for Time Clock eShop.com. “This system connects to either biometric time clocks or Web-based systems. Employers find our state-of-the-art systems accurate and convenient for employees.”

Time clock software or time attendance software enables larger companies to store all timekeeping information, approval processes and employee self-service domains in one area, within a Web-based system. Corrections, approvals and changes can all be made within this system. These systems also allow employees and managers to manage hours and tracking from the comfort of their own desks.

Many employers prefer the use of biometric time clocks to prevent buddy-punching, a sometimes common occurrence without proper identity checks in effect. Biometric systems use hand, fingerprint or facial recognition to correctly identify the employee checking in and out of work.

“Many employers have reported that our biometric time systems have increased overall time clock compliance within their companies and have saved considerable costs by eliminating buddy-punching,” stated Carpenter. “Our employee time clocks are designed to improve your business’ bottom line and do so by keeping business running on time with accurate employee attendance.”

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Time Clock eShop.com has employee time clocks designed to work for all types of worksites. While electronic or PC-driven systems may work best for corporate environments, there are also battery-operated systems for work areas that may be without power.

For more information, you can visit www.timeclockeshop.com

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