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Schneider Electric Introduces IT Business StruxureWare for Data Center

Schneider Electric IT Business introduces StruxtureWare for Data Center, software management that is designed to address all aspects of data center physical infrastructure needed to maximize the capability and efficiency (10/4).

StruxureWare for the data center, incorporating Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) and Data Center Facility Management (DCFM), thus combining the data, monitoring, automation, and the planning and implementation functions that can activate a process of integration and multiple views of all the physical mission-critical systems of a data center. It is also able to produce a manageable data center becomes more reliable, efficient, productive, safe, and harmless to the environment.

“With StruxureWare, Schneider Electric provides complete equipment where data center managers can access and manage domains in the IT space, build an electric power and power quality, facilities and data center cooling and physical security. Management software suite presents a comprehensive Data, accurate and current data so that they can perform actions based on a complete picture of the data center,” said Michael Kurniawan as Business Vice President, Schneider Electric IT.

StruxureWare for Data Center Management Software Suite offers a variety of solutions, namely:

  • StruxureWare for Data Center Monitoring Suite: The series is presented with StruxureWare Central monitoring, StruxureWare Power, and Cooling StruxureWare. The third runway is able to provide a composite view and analysis of complex IT physical infrastructure. Active alarm information, a history of alarms, sensors, power sources and control the cooling system can be monitored through the dashboard to quickly and easily.
  • StruxureWare for Data Center Operations Suite: The second generation of Data Center Infrastructure Management allows users to increase control over daily use.

The initial offer from the network StuxureWare for Data Center is StruxureWare Central v6.3 and StruxureWare Central Mobile Application for iPhone and Blackberry. Presents a solution that continues to evolve to meet the needs of all of the data center and facilities professionals. All offers and latest news about StuxureWare for the data center will continue to comply with the existing components of the InfraStruxure Management Software portfolio.

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