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Are you willing to pay US$ 2 to be promoted on Facebook?

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Facebook just made a test its new features in New Zealand country. Facebook charges about 2 USD to users who want certain of their status update or post easily read by many people, this new feature called Highlight.

A Facebook user in the country of New Zealand seems a bit confused when he login to their Facebook account and found a message asking if the user wants to pay 1.8 NZD to promote the post who wants to be promoted from the user to a friend.

Facebook users can choose to pay via credit card or PayPal. Users only assume this is a junk message (spam). However, this is the latest feature of Facebook and Facebook is testing this feature in that country.

According to a Facebook spokesman in New Zealand, this feature is being tested and they are hoping for a positive reaction in the country. Users who pay they frequently will get the posts to appear in news feeds than users who do not pay for those features.

This feature also measured the willingness of Facebook users to pay this feature, users in New Zealand are given the option to pay with prices range from free to the most expensive is 2.49 NZD (about US$ 1.96).

If this feature is acceptable and their users are willing to pay for this feature, then certainly Facebook will receive other sources of revenue other than advertising.

So, in your country itself, are you willing to pay US$ 2 to be promoted on Facebook?

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