17 Harmful Mobile Application in the Android Store

17 Harmful Mobile Application in the Android Store 3

For all of Android smartphone users, there are 17 mobile applications that need to be aware because it can harm users.

Google is always a clean a couple of malicious applications that exist in the Android Store, known as Google Play, the fact still be missed with an application that can harm users. This precarious situation, where there are 17 mobile applications contained in the authorized marketplace but in fact, a malicious application was found by Trend Micro Mobile App Reputation.

Overall, Trend Micro has found 17 malicious mobile applications that are freely downloadable from Google Play: 10 applications using AirPush potentially creating ads that are distracting and seen protruding to users and 6 applications containing malware code Plankton.

17 Harmful Mobile Application in the Android Store 4

Among other things, an application that explicitly describes itself as a spy who has been characterized as a threat by Trend Micro as equally harmful for abuse. This threat is known as ANDROIDOS_PDASPY.A.

Most of these applications have been downloaded thousands of times. PDASpy application above will appear to be downloaded over 100,000 times. Collectively, the detected application has been downloaded over 700,000 times. Users who do not turn on the security of mobile applications can be interrupted by advertisements (AirPush) or application (Plankton) which dangerous because it is connected with C&Cs.

We found this application as part of efforts to Mobile App Reputation (MAR). We continue to monitor both the official and applications from third parties. For both new applications that are uploaded and popular applications for later review. We observed not only dangerous behaviors but also the utilization of bandwidth and battery on a regular basis.

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