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TravAlert Application For You When Waking Up in Destination

TravAlert Application For You When Waking Up in Destination 2

Are you the type of people who often fall asleep on the trip? or even often miss from your destination? TravAlert can be a friend who’ll save your trip. With this application installed on your smartphone, then you no longer need to worry too far from the goal, because this application will give alerts when your location is close to the destination.

How capable of running applications on the iPhone, BlackBerry, Android is working? TravAlert GPS works by sending pings every few seconds to detect your current location.

Users can determine whether they are using the train or bus transportation into this application. In addition, you can also use time or distance as a measured warning. Alert tone can be a sound alarm or a song from your music collection and can use a vibrator or not.

For the durability of the battery, the application is set up to not work when the condition is turned off. Frank Gu (makers of this application) has been an optimized algorithm to detect the presence of these applications. When you are just starting the journey then ping slow delivery speed and the faster when approaching the destination.

This application is being developed to be used in addition to travel by train and bus, for example, automobile. This application will be developed in the form of a folder if the destination is no longer close to sounding the alarm but rather a portrait of the balloon to flash.

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