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Smart Tips for Caring your BlackBerry

blackberry broken

Tips for your BB (BlackBerry) so BB does not slow and its performance remains smooth and stable because BB is not HP’s usual, but a Smartphone. These tips apply to all types of BlackBerry, either Curve, Pearl, Bold, or Storm. The following tips can be useful for the treatment of your BlackBerry:

  1. Try once every 2-3 days, unplug/remove the battery, BlackBerry mobile phone, and let stand for 1-2 minutes, this function is to dispose of and remove the remnants of unused files from the process of chatting and browsing.
  2. You also can perform routine Cleaning Memory, by selecting Options, Security Options, Advanced Security Options, then select the Memory Cleaning feature and select the Enable mode to activate it.
  3. Every 2-3 days, do the Host Routing Table, by selecting Options, Advanced Options, select Host Routing Table, press the BlackBerry logo icon, and select Register Now.
  4. After the 3rd step above, do well once every 2-3 days, Diagnostic Test, this is very important. Because this is visible through the screen if we have connected all BlackBerry smartphones, both the PIN, the Registry, and Email connection. By the way, choose Options, Mobile Network, then press the logo of the BlackBerry icon, select Diagnostic Test, then press the BlackBerry logo icon, select RUN, let the process run until completion. If when you are finished processing this feature, you experience a failure, repeat again for your diagnostic test results no one fails.

That’s just tips for the performance of your BlackBerry back smoothly, stable, and not slow. Hopefully, these tips can be useful. Because BlackBerry is a class of smart gadgets, you are also expected to remain good care to avoid an error.

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