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Zoho Project Management Review, Managing the #1 Projects Online Easily Through Cloud

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The review of Zoho Project Management. In managing your project requires the discovery and examination of resource management, time scheduling, budgets, and results that satisfy everyone involved. To facilitate the project management, you need a powerful project management software, and this project management software requires a simple interface with powerful organization secure user permissions and access rights, and live at your fingertips, should be available where you need it when you want it. But did you know that there is an online project management application based on the web like that?

Zoho Project Management on the Cloud

Zoho Project Management Software is one solution where Zoho Project Management Software helps you get your work done faster and provides the easiest way to plan and track projects in time within budget and provides project teams with a web-based collaborative environment.

zoho project management review
Zoho Project Management Review

Zoho Projects is feature-rich project management combined with collaboration and bug tracking that allows teams to collaborate and get work done faster. There are some core features of using ZOHO Project Management Software to manage your projects easily like project management software, project management, bug tracking software, bug tracking, and issue management software. Planning and Tracking help you keep your project on schedule; Collaboration helps improve communication within the team and keep everyone on the same page. Bug Tracking module (New Feature) helps you to submit, organize and track the bugs that software projects are bound to generate and fix all in time.

zoho project management review
Zoho Project Management Review

Zoho Projects also supports API and provides REST-style Web APIs over HTTP where any developer can extend the project management and collaboration capabilities through Zoho APIs and can build their own customized applications for their business needs.

In addition, admin dashboard layouts and some of its features resemble a popular social network in the world and the JavaScript-based page-loads make the new user experience more comfortable while they are working on their project. This layout is similar to Google-Plus and also you can perform a status update like Twitter have or get new notifications instantly from your project group like the Facebook feature. In addition to status updates, you can make announcements, milestones, schedules, and timing, as well as upload documents related to the project you build.

zoho project management review
Zoho Project Management Review

Packages Pricing

Zoho Projects offers a free package and quite affordable paid ones. The free package lets you create 1 project and an unlimited number of users. As for the paid packages, they range from $12 to $80 per month, with discounts available for annual subscriptions. Some features are offered as add-ons at a reasonable extra cost (e.g., the wiki and the chat).

They also offer a FREE 1 project with unlimited users and 10 MB file storage. We are actually very tempted to give it a try since their user interface looks very clean and intuitive.

Documentation & Support

In terms of documentation and support, you can expect more from Zoho corporation, which gives you complete FAQ and Video sections as well as a searchable help area with a hierarchical navigation tree, so you can browse all the documentation easily.

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zoho project management review
Zoho Project Management Review

Online document management and project management software with virtual tools, Zoho Projects have collaboration with document and project permissions allowing you to manage and collaborate on your documents and project securely from any web browser, anywhere in the world at any time. File sharing, task and calendar sharing to manage your project simply, and more other features. Zoho projects offer to leading web-based project management and collaboration tools to manage all of your projects and the team from any web browser (Currently does not support Opera Browser).

zoho project management review
Zoho Project Management Review

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