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Google Art Project Promoting Art Nation In Digital Form

cnwintech google art project digital art 2012

Google and the National Museum of Indonesia have officially announced an important collaboration in the program Google Art Project, featuring 100 works of art selected to be displayed on the Google Art Project. This program is a project that started from the United States, involving 151 institutions from 40 countries, presenting works of art in digital form from around the world, making it accessible, enjoyable, and can add insight by internet users. This event took place at the National Museum of Indonesia, Jakarta (4/4).

cnwintech google art project digital art rudy ramawy

Rudy Ramawy as Country Head, Google Indonesia, said: “Google is committed to promoting all forms of online culture and can be accessed by anyone and anywhere. Google Art Project Program is our effort to the people of the world where the Internet can provide an important role in preserving and disseminating a culture of knowledge.”

cnwintech google art project digital art drs gatot ghautama

Drs. Gatot Gautama as Director of the National Museum of Indonesia said, “For the National Museum of Indonesia, Google Art Project in accordance with the concept that aims to protect and promote the national culture of Indonesia. For this reason, we participated in this project in an effort to save and preserve the cultural heritage, historical objects Indonesia and valuable artwork.”

cnwintech google art project digital art indonesia

National Museum of Indonesia is one of the museums of the 150 selected museums in the Google Art Project. In Indonesia, there are 140 thousand collections of works of art from various regions, and currently, as many as 100 new artworks that will be present on Google Art Project. The artwork includes a collection of traditional batik and historical relics of the oldest kingdoms in Indonesia, such as Kutai kingdom located in East Kalimantan. Also, it would also present more than 300 museums across Indonesia which will also be displayed in Google Art Project.

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cnwintech google art project digital art nation indonesia

So many museums in Indonesia, make a competition and may increase people’s desire to be present in a real museum after they see the various works of art in the virtual world. Both students and college students will enrich the cultural and artistic fascination with the presence of the Google Art Project. The project will also introduce the arts and culture of Indonesia to the world, so it can be a strategic tool for imaging of the national culture.

cnwintech google art project karya seni digital museum nasional indonesia

Since its launch in February 2011, Google Art Project has grown rapidly, from the initial project only has 1000 images online, today recorded more than 30,000 images. This program has had a cooperation with cultural institutions in various countries, from both small and large-scale, ranging from traditional to art museum art institute of modern levels.

For those of you who want to see local and international culture through the virtual world, you can visit Google’s site at www.googleartproject.com Art Project.

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