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Norton 360 Version 6.0 Performance Review, Protection Inside and Outside

norton 360 version 6.0 review protection inside and outside 2

In addition to fortify your system from the threat of cyber criminal action, protective PC today also need to equip themselves against the threat from inside. Norton 360 tries to take that role.

Protect your system from cyber crime threats, such as malware, spam, and phishing, should already a must for every PC user. As a result, antivirus packages combined with anti-spam, anti-phishing and parental control seemed to have become standard.

However, what about if the defense is successfully penetrated? Malware can damage the system and spammers / phishers may steal personal data. Not to mention if any time your PC is damaged. Therefore, it is important for us to do a backup data periodically. As a result, if worst possible had happened to, at least the data has been saved.

Seeing this need, Symantec issued a security package that serves more than a bulwark against the threat of cyber crime, the Norton 360. Because the application is equipped with facilities for Backup and PC Tuning.

This time, Norton 360 has reached version 6.0. Compared to previous versions, the appearance of Norton 360 version 6.0 looks more clean with white domination. Icons also come more simple menu with four main functions: PC Security (protection system), Identity (personal identity protection), Backup (backup data), and PC Tuneup (maintenance system performance).

For PC Security and Identity function, application is strengthened by Norton Internet Security 2012 with well proven performance. One reason is due to the SONAR 4.0 technology that can detect malicious processes based on general characteristics of various malware profile in cyberspace.

Norton 360 flagship of course also available on its Backup function. we can choose location of backup data, eg hard disk partitions, external storage media, or could also in online using Secure Online Storage owned by Norton. To use this feature, you must have a Norton account.

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In storage “cloud” owned Norton, we can store up to 2 GB Data, like the one provided similar services which currently popular, Dropbox. Of course, the duration of the data transfer to the “cloud” is highly dependent at a speed of internet access that we use. During and after the backup process is over, the data secured with Encryption 128/256-AES method.

Meanwhile, PC Tuneup are not very special because it contains several functions already default in Windows, such as Disk Optimization, File & Registry Cleanup, and Startup Manager. However, this facility can facilitate novice user. This is because all applications are located in one place. Users simply click it once to operate.

Indeed, not many significant changes in Norton 360 version 6.0 besides from appearance-side . New feature is inherited from the Norton Internet Security 2012. But, as a complete protection solution PC in & out, Norton 360 still one of the foremost.


Type Paid ($52 / 3 PC)
Developer Symantec
Recommended specifications Windows XP/Vista/7
norton 360 version 6.0 review protection inside and outside 1 2

Only Single Option
Symantec only sold Norton 360 version 6.0 with 3 PC license preferred. The price is more economical. However, this policy can become limiting factor for consumers who just want to put it on one PC.

norton 360 version 6.0 review protection inside and outside 2 2Powered NIS 2012
Security function in Norton 360 strengthened by NIS 2012 that brought two latest feature, namely Norton Management (managing devices fitted with Norton) and Bandwidth Management (critical updates only).
norton 360 version 6.0 review protection inside and outside 3 2Less Spacious
2 GB of storage space at online Norton feels less relief. If you want to enlarge the capacity, we have to pay the additional fees quite expensive. Moreover, when compared to similar services (eg. Dropbox).


Plus: The interface appears cleaner; strengthened protection NIS 2012, including two new features; installation fast and memory-efficient

Minus: Not many features that are completely new; online storage capacity less relieved only sold in package 3 PC license.

Score Assessment
 - Usage: 4.2
 - Performance: 4.5
 - Feature: 4.2
 - Price: 3.8
 - Total Score: 4.21

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