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3 Main Benefits Facebook Timeline for Branding Pages

cnwintech facebook logo 2

You all know that the current Facebook Pages have featured new design called Facebook Pages Timeline.

Facebook timeline could be used by companies to show them more personal branding. Although there are some people who say that facebook changes are difficult to follow, but facebook said that this is very useful for companies, organizations or Brand.

Previous Facebook allows people to do three things:

  1. Interconnected family and friends
  2. Posting information on wall
  3. Featuring new projects, ideas and new products

But in Facebook timeline, we can more closely connected with the audience in a way closer compared to the previous and can also do the above 3 things more better.

Therefore, here we will discuss 3 benefits Facebook Timeline you should know:

1. Your Brand Pages

Companies can add a cover photo on facebook so they better be able to introduce their company branding through image on cover photo. So the company can put exciting cover photo and show their personality.

Cover photos can be posted on facebook timeline approximately 815 x 315 pixels. According to the facebook rules, cover photo must not contain price information, contacts, references or call to action. You can upload your own cover photos or if you want more creative and unique cover styles, you can use premium Facebook covers.

1demo banner 468x60

2. Important Highlights

On the previous Facebook, if we are constantly make post, then old post will be sunk down even disappear. But with facebook Timeline allows us to Pin posting that you feel is important and will always appears over for 1 week.

Thus, visitors can easily find out the important stuff and what you think is important to always be viewed by visitors.

For example such as a new product feed, campaign, or promotion. NewyorkTimes already using facebook timeline benefits to convey something about them.

3. Set All Things In One Pages

Instead of having to click a lot of icon or Tab, the facebook timeline allows to track new activities or new incoming messages as shown in the figure below.

fbmessages 2

In same location, the administrator can respond to comments or questions. This feature encourages faster interaction between the company and fans and allows companies to create closer ties with their followers.

Facebook timeline for brand pages are designed to create an exciting social networking site allows companies to interact and meet demand out of its followers.

What do you think? Isn’t it amazing? Have you used Facebook Timeline for your business?

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