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Optimise Your Website for Mobile

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The mobile market continues to grow at a rapid pace and having a website that is optimized for mobile is now an incredibly important marketing tool. Users are increasingly switching to mobile for its convenience, portability and cost effectiveness, as even lower end smart phones are able to browse the internet. This widens the webs reach and ensures that your product or service information can reach a wider audience, boosting your sales potential.

There are more than 1.2 billion mobile web users internationally, so optimizing your site for mobile should be a priority. The most ideal way of optimizing your site is to build a mobile friendly version and this doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Often computer based sites are not suited to the mobile environment so a pared down, simplified version is required. Determine which type of mobile platform you wish to attract users from, for example http://www.iPhonecasino.ca offers iPhone compatible casino games that are especially optimized for play on Apple’s top selling device. A mobile site does not have to be expensive, simple functionality and navigation still creates a good impression.

When optimizing your site for mobile always ensure you provide users with quick access to a contact or support option. In a marketing environment most users search for a way to contact the entity they are browsing. Company contact details can integrate with devices functionality and send emails, text messages or automatically dial a contact number with no effort.

In order to effectively optimize your site it is necessary to simplify content and imagery. However, if you have strong corporate branding or an instantly recognizable colour scheme ensure you include this in your mobile version. Eliminate all but the most necessary text and change image click through links to actual buttons to allow for easy navigation. The simplest mobile sites are often the best as they have a clear call to action and are easy to use, making them simple to browse whilst still making an impact.

An important aspect of mobile site optimization is mobile SEO. You will need to promote your site with mobile search engines, portals and directories in order for it to be ranked highly and achieve high levels of traffic.

The number of mobile sites continues to rise and companies that fail to optimize their sites will miss out on a massive marketing opportunity.

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