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About T-Mobile Nokia 1208

T-mobile Nokia 1208 phone is elegant as well as user friendly device. It has no extra gadgets, however would be a great choice for those who are are keen to buy a basic feature phone with lowest price. The phone consists of all the usable features one can expect from a phone of such a kind. It is a classic design mobile with all the support such as inbuilt torch, MP3 rigtones, calender, speaker phone, alarm clock, calculator and much more to make it a phone of everyones choice.

T-Mobile Nokia 1208 is a sleek, candy bar design easy to use device which is available in two colors Black and Red. The cell phone is the most simple low cost device which is without any extra gadgets. This fabulous device has all the basic features which are quite usable for keeping in touch with friends and relatives. The phone is embedded with built in features such as polyphonic, MP3 ringtones, clear screen, antenna, torch, standard keypad, calender,currency converter, and handsfree provision and much more. The phone can be easily refilled via internet or prepaid cards.

The cell phone plans is available with a variety of individual or family plans at T-Mobile stores. It’s time to upgrade your mobile to another Nokia 1208 which is affordable, fabulous and with ultra basic features.


The Nokia 1208 has 1.50 inch crystal clear CSTN screen which shows  65k colors and resolution of 96 X 68  pixels. The screen displays  feature themes and wallpapers.The built in torch is quite usable in dark  environment. The dualband keep connecting you with friends and  colleages on the move.


The phone has 4MB internal memory which  cannot  be expandable and  can store 200 entries in phone book and call records of  20 dialed, 20  missed calls and 20 messages. Its integrated memory is excellent that  supports other functions including converter, alarm clock  and prepare  tracking.

Size and weight

It is easy to handle light weight phone which is lightier than the  Nokia 1661 and weighs 71g. Its size is almost equal of the Nokia 1661  which is 102 X 44.1 X 17.5mm, and 67cc.


The Nokia 1208 has an excellent call quality control. It has an  integrated speakerphone with 2.5mm audio headjack which gives excellent  sound quality. Missing of FM radio  in this phone  makes it too basic to  use. The phone also supports built in 32 channels MP3 ring tones which  is quite exciting for music enthusiasts.

Talk time and battery life

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The strong battery life is an extraordinary feature of this basic  device. Its standard battery is Lion 700mAh  which lasts upto maximum of  365 hours standby and 7 hours in talk time mode.

Instant messaging

The Nokia 1208 supports instant messaging  via SMS and MMS. With the  SMS facility you can kep connecting yourself with friends and family and  through MMS user can forward multimedia file.

Unique selling points

  • Excellent speaker
  • Strong battery life
  • Affordable price

On the Flip sides It has

  • No FM radio
  • No extra gadgets
  • dualband

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