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Backtrack 4 Full USB Live failure to boot

USB and DVD are excellent. I have used them on my previous HP Pavilion AMD with Windows XP, and it worked fine, got a green prompt, and is typical in startx, and everything was present there. But does this mean that my Toshiba is I do not know why it is not compatible with BT 4, and it makes me so sad! I have to be mobile. Any suggestions on what I could do to my laptop to get work. Hence the bottom line, Backtrack 4 Full USB Live failure to boot. I think this is a compatibility issue. Similar problems like ours were fixed by turning the ACPI off hence I tested it and it worked for me! Following is the solution that worked for me:
At the boot menu that looks like the following:

Start BackTrack FrameBuffer (1024×768)
Start BackTrack FrameBuffer (800×600)
Start BackTrack Forensics (no swap)
Start BackTrack in Safe Graphical Mode
Start BackTrack Persistent Live CD
Start BackTrack in Text Mode
Start BackTrack Graphical Mode from RAM
Memory Test
Now Boot the First Hard Disk then hit the TAB button and a string of text will be shown. Hit the SPACE bar and after that add the following to the line of text:

after that hit enter. Now the Backtrack 4 booted just fine for me.

I hope this will solve your problem.

How if Backtrack 4 Full USB Live failure to boot
This method is used for getting a live install to the USB drive it the simplest solution available through Unetbootin
1. First, you have to plug in your USB Drive that should be of a minimum of 2 GB
2. After that format the USB drive to FAT32
3. After that download Unetbootin
4. Then start Unetbootin and after that select disk-image
5. Now select your USB drive and then click “OK” for creating a bootable BackTrack USB drive
6. Now you can Log into BackTrack using the default username and password that is “root / toor”

Backtrack 4 Full USB Live failure to boot

I may be this will fix the issue because I am having similar issues with my i7. I going to try it I have recently completed downloading UNETBOOTIN and currently, I am adding backtrack4 iso to a flash drive with it just right now and after that, I will try your suggestion about adding that line about acpi=off.

Re: Backtrack 4 Full USB Live failure to boot
The issue is persistent with few i7 computer systems because if you are trying to install it keeping the acpi=off then also many people are getting the same issue when booting up through the hard disk and if you try to turn off the ACPI then you will not have all your CPU processors and then also it will not recognize the Nvidia 310M graphics card.

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Re: Backtrack 4 Full USB Live failure to boot
Initially, I tried to get. ISO (Final Report), on my NTFS external USB hard drive. I tried to boot from it, but the BIOS can not complain about bootable media devices. I talked to quite a few people who are Linux savvy. They suggested that I tried FAT32, provided that GRUB does not work properly with NTFS. I allocated 32GB, FAT32 formatted, and installed with UNetbootin. No luck.

I have had enough and assumed there was a problem with my external hard drive. Even split 12 gigabytes of my main HDD that contains Windows 7, which is used UNetbootin to install. I rebooted hoping that the pop-up with a list according to the OS to boot, but instead went ahead and boot directly into Windows 7. I continued to create division in my USB drive for easy transfer, but everything I tested failed.

Re: Backtrack 4 Full USB Live failure to boot
This is all because you are not reading and understanding what you read. If you can not figure out how to make a bootable USB stick with UNetbootin, maybe it’s a bit over my head and try to understand more about the basics and what is reading before moving to the next technical issues.
Start and all work is a slow process and will be tested before the real thing. Just remember one thing that patience pays off.

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