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Five Simple Tips to Overcome Heat Temperature on Notebook

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Your habits to put your notebook on a cushion or lap usually become one cause of overheating problems. Because these habits make cooling system performance contained in the notebook becomes far from maximal. Do not underestimate if you have a notebook overheating because it can make your notebook hangs, and the more extreme can lead to damage your notebook components.

In addition to reducing habit to put your notebook on the pillow, carpet, or lap, here are tips to reduce overheating notebooks by utilizing the Power Settings in Windows Power Options menu. To access this, first click Control Panel menu and then select Power Options, Select Change plan settings, and Select Change advanced power settings.

  • Make sure that the Windows notebook power settings, you already turn on the cooling at the highest level. In the notebook, the options menu to turn on the notebook cooler are varied, but usually there is an option that says “active cooling” or “maximum performance”. Always select the highest cooling performance to keep the fan running longer and stronger cooling the system.
  • Turn on all the power saving menu both for CPU & graphics card, wireless, and so on. It’s really simple physics, the more power consumption of your notebook, the more heat generated of your notebook too. If you are willing to sacrifice little performance with lower power mode, the heat generated by the notebook will also be less.
  • Some notebooks are designed to consume much more power when the battery is attached. Despite its power setting already set, it will not produce a significant effect. Once you are done troubleshooting on the second point above, you should try to unplug the charger when the notebook is used. This is significant enough to cool the notebook.
  • Many notebooks with air vents located at the bottom of the chassis. So, when you put the notebook on your lap or on other padded objects, cooler/fan performance become not maximal. Therefore, try to always using the notebook with a hard base/sturdy like a table, floor, and so on.
  • Another way the most obvious way to prevent overheating is by adding cooling pad to the notebook. But it sometimes makes the notebook becomes less portable.

Those are some simple tips to prevent overheat at your notebook. But usually, PC or notebook currently has supported with technology and special cooling systems that will make it not heat even though to work hard. Like the Acer Aspire S7 for example, the world’s thinnest ultrabook equipped with Twin Air Cooling technology so that even to work hard, the notebook will remain cool.

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