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7 Easy Ways How to Open Disk Cleanup in Windows 10

Shortcut to open Disk Cleanup in Windows Operating System

Disk Cleanup is a feature in Windows that you can use to clean junk/temporary or files that are not needed by the system in order to save space on the hard disk partition. (Also Read: 4 Ways to Free up Your Hard Drive Space in Windows)

Below CnwinTech will give you 7 easy ways to open Disk Cleanup in Windows 10. Here’s the review.

Open Disk Cleanup Through Windows Run

The first way is to go through Windows Run (WinKey + R) then type cleanmgr.

cnwintech 7 ways to open disk cleanup in windows

Open Disk Cleanup Through Search & Cortana

The next way you can do is by Voice Command in Cortana or typing Disk Cleanup in the search field.

Through the Command Prompt

First, open the Command Prompt with or without Administrator rights. Then type cleanmgr.

Through PowerShell

Apart from the Command Prompt, you can also open it using PowerShell. Open PowerShell then type cleanmgr.

Open Disk Cleanup Through Administrative Tools

Open the Start Menu then All apps, then scroll down to find the Windows Administrative Tools folder. Open the folder to find the Disk Cleanup application.

Open Disk Cleanup Through the Control Panel

Open the Control Panel, then type in the search panel Disk Cleanup. When the results are out, click the Free up disk space by deleting unnecessary files option.

Open Disk Cleanup Through Partitions

The last way is to open it through a partition. The trick is to select the partition you want, right-click then click Properties. When the Properties window is open, click Disk Cleanup.

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