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7 Basic Components of SEO That Can Help You Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

Some effective ways to Improve your website's SEO Ranking

7 Components of SEO to Improve Search Engine Rankings. The secrets of SEO are still hidden, even for experienced users. What is SEO? This article will give you facts to help your website’s search engine rankings. Keep reading to learn more about SEO. Then, use this knowledge to improve your site’s content strategy.

Some Components of SEO That Can Help You Improve Search Engine Rankings

Content strategy

When starting a content strategy for SEO, you must keep your customer’s needs at the forefront. By writing with a purpose, you can change your audience’s perception and make them choose your brand over that of your competitors. You can create valuable content to increase your website’s engagement with your target audience and improve your brand’s reputation as an authority. A well-perceived range will generate quality leads and increase your conversions.

Page titles

When someone searches for kitchen appliances, the page title is the headline they see. This is what people and search engines see first. Make sure your title contains relevant keywords. It will help them determine whether your page is relevant to the user’s intent. In other words, if the title is too long, they may not find it. Make sure your title is short enough to be read without confusion. The title should also be in the HEAD of your page.

Long-tail keywords

The importance of using long-tail keywords in SEO cannot be overstated. These phrases can help you reach a broad audience and increase your website’s organic traffic. In addition to the meta-description, your website can include long-tail keywords in the URL, image captions, file names, and social media profiles. Blogging is another way to use long-tail keywords. This method increases the number of times you can use these keywords, allowing you to create a large volume of content for search engines.

Conversion rate

How important is the conversion rate of SEO? Some online marketers use a 10-percent conversion rate as the standard to measure their marketing campaigns. In other words, if 1000 targeted visitors take 100 preferred actions a month, the rate is 10%. Similarly, a 90-percent conversion rate means 90 new people take the desired action.


The recent introduction of Google+ has made it an important social network. Google+ claims to have 62 million users as of June. The company expects to have 400 million users by 2012, nearly half of Facebook’s total user base and double Twitter’s. In addition, Google recently introduced Search, plus Your World, an integration of Google+ content in organic search results. As content on Google+ becomes more critical for SEO, Google will continue to add it to its algorithm.

Rank well on Google

How do you rank well on Google? There are hundreds of different reasons why web pages rank well on Google. First, Google aims to deliver the most relevant result to each search query. Their business model relies on consistency across billions of searches. Second, Google invests heavily in the understanding of user intent. The more you can do to satisfy this intent, the faster your website will rank. 

Blog importance for SEO

According to a HubSpot report, marketers who prioritize blogs are 13 times more likely to see a return on investment. This is because blogs help marketers promote content, such as keywords, titles, and meta descriptions. A blog also adds a new page to a website, which helps SEO and makes search engines a reason to re-crawl. In addition, it helps keep customers interested.

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components of seo that can help you improve your search engine rankings
Components of SEO That Can Help You Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

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