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Tips to Get Links Without Asking For Them

Link building can be very time consuming, just ask someone who is trying to build links to their website. The usual process used by marketers to build links is to find targeted websites and check them out to see if it is worth adding that site to your website or blog. You then have to do further research to find the appropriate contact person to send a request to swap links with them. All you can then do is wait and hope they respond. However, there are other ways to get links to your website or blog without the need to ask for them.

Here are some tips and other ways you can build your link popularity.

Forums or Discussion Groups.

Join an online forum or discussion group in your niche. Start by first checking out the forum to get a feel for it and then becoming an active participant. You will soon be able to work out those people who are building businesses and you should create relationships with these people. Because they are focused on building their business they are then likely to approach you and ask to link to your website or blog. The more profitable your business then the more likely they are to ask to link to your site.

A simple note on your website asking people for links can work well in some niches. Some blogs have pages called “Links” specially set up to make it easy to exchange links with other websites.

Publish Your Articles on Other Sites.

By publishing your articles on article sites, newsletters, and other blogs you can add your link which will be eventually found by the search engines who will add a back-link to your site.

Ezines or Newsletters.

Create and publish a regular ezine and post the contents on your website. Within your ezine include a note saying something like “If you enjoyed reading my ezine please include a link to my website.” Do not forget to include your URL in the note so that you make it as easy as possible for people to link to your site.

Well Written Original Content.

Use well written original content on your website or blog as search engines love blogs with new and original content and will reward you with more traffic to your site. This extra traffic will then see your note about adding a link to your site.

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