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Seagate GoFlex Satellite Performance Review, Present Cloud Experiences

seagate goflex satellite review

This device is a Data warehouse solutions style that is practical for cloud computing gadgets. Knowingly or not, a digital activity we do every day would need space for data, both a memory card and a hard drive. Just take a look at the internal memory capacity of your mobile phone is increasingly shrinkage due to various activities, such as downloading various files from the Internet or via a camera to record images. This also applies to a computer tablet that is now trending.

Rather than having to add a memory card, it might be better if utilizing other storage space to hundreds of GB capacity. To meet that demand, Seagate presents the GoFlex Satellite series that not only serves as an external hard drive but also serves as a wireless data storage. In this way, the gadget can be connected to the storage GoFlex Satellite to pick up or put the data is too large. This is done wirelessly from anywhere. Quite interesting is not it?

Well, to be able to work without a cable connection, Satellite GoFlex feature wireless 802.11b/g/n. As data storage, use SATA hard drives 2.5″ and also a rechargeable battery (Lithium polymer) as an independent power supply. For conventional use, users stay plugged into a USB 3.0 device to be accessed via a computer. Meanwhile, if accessed via a network, users simply press the power button. Unfortunately, the connection must be chosen between a wired or Wi-Fi. So you will not be able to use both types of connections at once.

In addition to access from Windows and Mac-based computers, GoFlex Satellite can also be accessed from a smartphone or tablet computer with IOS and Android systems. For that, users must install GoFlex Media application which available for free in each market. For those who wear computers, they could directly access this device via browser by entering address after connections created.

Connections to this device wirelessly can be done within a distance of about 30-40 meters. Three devices can be connected simultaneously into GoFlex Satellite simultaneously. In the standby state, GoFlex Satellite can last all day. Meanwhile, when accessed by a streaming device, GoFlex Satellite can last up to 5 hours.

We feel great usefulness when utilizing storage for cloud computing services like these. With wireless connections, mobile devices now will be able to take advantage of large-capacity GoFlex Satellite.

Testing Results

CrystalDiskMark 3.0.1 (1GB sequential)
Read Write
79.67 MB/sec 78.81 MB/sec
ATTO Disk Benchmark (4k data)
25.7 MB/sec 27.6 MB/sec


Interface USB 3.0 and Wireless
Capacity 500 GB
Access Keys Power
Software backup/Recovery Media Sync & GoFlex Media
Weight 218 grams
Guarantee 3 years
Web Site
Price Range* U.S.$199
seagate goflex satellite goflex media application

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GoFlex Media Application

Through the application or browser, you can see whole storage contents and by specific categories (video, photos, music, documents, and per folder).

seagate goflex satellite accessories bundle

Accessories Bundle

GoFlex Satellite has included a USB adapter and charger, including chargers for use in cars. This Charger with 2 amperes quite fast to recharge power.

seagate goflex satellite sata connector

SATA Connectors

Because the connector is made open (for connection to docking), GoFlex Satellite can also be connected to a computer via a SATA cable. This makes it as internal storage while it seems less common.


Plus: USB 3.0 and wireless connection, supporting protection function; good software support; long warranty.

Minus: a little heavyweight; application/firmware needs improvement; price bit expensive.

Score Assessment
 - Performance: 4
 - Facilities: 4.25
 - Use: 4
 - Price: 3.5
 - Total Score: 3.99
Test Bed:
CPU Intel Core i3-2100 (3.1 GHz) Motherboard Asus P8P67 Pro; RAM Kingston HyperX 4GB DDR3 PC3-14 900 (2 x 2GB)

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