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Pallet Jack & Forklift Scales with Bluetooth-ready and Wireless Technology Weighing System

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Floor Scales Direct is the smart choice to acquire high quality warehouse-grade pallet jack scales at affordable prices. Many warehouse owners have come to trust the reliability of pallet jack scales from Floor Scales Direct. From indoor-only pallet jack scales to indoor-outdoor pallet jack scales, Floors Scales Direct products can meet the needs of any busy industrial warehouse.

Floor Scales Direct offers NTEP or Nation Type Evaluation Program approved pallet jack scales that have been fully evaluated for compliance and standards that are set within the handbook for the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Purchasing an approved NTEP pallet scale from FloorScalesDirect.com means that warehouse owners can trust the features, operating character and performance of these products.

The NTEP approved Ravas 5.0 iFork is a Bluetooth-ready pallet jack scale that provides a robust 5,000 pound capacity weighing system that is completely wireless. This scale provides simple 5-button operation with an easy-read LED indicator, ID code entry, and easy printing.

Other reliable non-NTEP pallet jack scales provided by Floor Scales Direct included the 310 Ravas Pallet Jack Scale and the 110 Ravas Pallet Jack Scale. Both scales are built to provide high accuracy weight measurements, automatic shutoff, and manual zero and automatic correction.

Accessory products that go with the trusted pallet jack scales from Floor Scales Direct include both rechargeable and non-rechargeable battery packs, thermal printers, Bluetooth Data Transfer systems, and Windows SIR Mobile Software Data. Floor Scales Direct is also a great supplier of warehouse-grade ramps, postal scales, and pallet jack scales printing supplies.

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