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The Data Storage System Businesses in Industry, Whether have a Great Prospect in the Future?

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Upgrading data-storage systems is a top priority this year for nearly half of business executives who responded to a recent survey.

The survey conducted by Information Week found that 44 percent of responding business leaders said that revamping their data-storage systems is a very high priority for this year.

The continual data explosion has generated record sales years for many data-storage companies. Data-storage systems continue to be a large part of many companies’ expenses. The data-storage business is estimated to be at $90 billion to $100 billion for this year. Still a complex part of the computer business, data storage remains the domain of established companies, like Nas San. Top storage systems ensure that data is always available.

Experts believe that the data-storage industry, which began in the 1950s, may be plateauing. While a plateau may have been reached, that does not mean that new generation thinkers will fail to make their way onto the data-storage scene. But the marketplace may have reached the saturation point so as new thinkers burst onto the scene, established stalwarts may start to fade away.

Industry leaders believe that this will be one of the most interesting times since computer storage started 60 years ago. Buckle your seat belt. It will be an interesting ride.

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