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10 Tricks Securing Your Account from Thieves

Yahoo! admitted that over 450,000 username and password users have been hacked as hacker group publication, D33Ds, who on Wednesday (11/7) last claimed responsibility for the attack. Although confirmed only less than 5 percent Data that leaked D33Dsn is valid, Yahoo! recommends users change their passwords.

In addition to changing passwords here are some tips you can consider for safe surfing in cyberspace.

1.Password Manager

The use of a password manager help you make a strong and unique passwords for various online accounts. These services also prevent you from using the same password for multiple accounts.

Because it is integrated with a web browser, a password manager will automatically save and fill website login forms and securely set up your online life. Several password manager of choice, such as: LastPass, KeePass and 1Password.

2. Secure Gmail

Not good if you have a Gmail account and use the same password with other online accounts. You need to enable Google two-step verification to ensure that no person who opened e-mail without your knowledge. These features are ensure to login to your account process into two steps. Before you can open an account, Google will send a verification code to your mobile phone to make sure whether you want to access your Gmail account. If necessary activate this feature in Google account settings.

3. Full Disk Encryption

Set up and use the full disk encryption to protect your data, especially when you’re on the way. Full disk encryption uses a mathematical technique for scrambling data so it can not be understood without the correct key. Please check here the usefulness and how to use. Windows users have access to the Microsoft BitLocker while TrueCrypt provides cross-platform compatibility at the most.

4. Switch to Google Chrome

Google Chrome so far considered the most secure browser than others. You can download the KB SSL Enforcer extension that will forced search encrypted when possible. The extension also automatically detect if a site supports SSL (TLS) and redirect search session to session encryption.

5. Secure Cloud Data Store

Get used to store contents your computer to an external hard drive or to a secure online service. Companies like Mozy, Carbonite or iDrive can be used each one to back up data from files, music, to photos.

6. Uninstall Java If not Used

Uninstall Java from your computer if it is not necessary because past two years Java vulnerabilities are always targeted by malicious hackers.

7. Adobe Reader Sandbox Technology

Adobe Reader often become main target group of skilled hackers and organized, especially for business groups. The latest version of Adobe, Adobe Reader and Acrobat X has a Protected Mode sandbox technology which serves as a major deterrent from harmful exploitation. Sandbox is a technology for secure web through isolation, without a gap that can be hacked by hackers. If are not already using, you should immediately update as soon as possible.

8. Install VPN Service

We all used to check e-mail or Facebook status update from a coffee shop or public WiFi network. It’s important to install virtual private network (VPN) to encrypt your activities and keep your personal data falling into the hands of malicious hackers. The following video explains everything you need to know about VPN and how to set it up to authenticate and encrypt your search on the web. If using a public computer, consider using a VPN application that can run with a portable USB drive.

9. Don’t Share ‘Anything’ in Social Network

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are good hunting ground for cyber criminals. Use common sense when sharing data, even when you think were in a trusted environment. Do not share any sensitive issues or excessive because your privacy is never guaranteed. Consider the safety features and try to avoid clicking on the video or a foreign link that could lead to attacks.

10. Always Update to Latest Version

Hackers rely on security vulnerabilities as the entrance to your device. It’s important to make sure your computer is always safe and allows the automatic update every existing software. Use the Windows Automatic Updates to ensure improvement of operating system always on time. Use a reliable anti-malware software and delete any that do not want to use.

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