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How to Choose the Right One of VoIP Providers?

There are many VoIP providers and choosing the right one can be an arduous task so to make it easier on you I have compiled the top 8 things to look for when choosing a VoIP provider VoIP is a technology that allows you to make phone calls over high-speed internet lines instead of traditional landlines.

Typically you get many more features and pay far less for your calls on VoIP than you would be getting from your local telephone company. In most cases, the VoIP is a little box that you receive when you sign up for VoIP service through a VoIP provider You simply plug your internet cable into one side and then plug your telephone into the other and presto! You can make phone calls.

The two main benefits of switching to VoIP are the multitude of free features and the low cost. The top 8 things you need to look for so you can feel confident that you have the best VoIP provider available are.

  1. Your VoIP provider should have the ability to “port” your phone number. Meaning that you should be able to keep the same phone number you already have if you want to.
  2. Your VoIP provider should have a money-back guarantee so you can try their service and if you aren’t satisfied you can get your money back. A 15-day money-back guarantee is what should be expected of your VoIP Provider.
  3. Your VoIP provider should have a multitude of free features. Some of the features you should expect are voicemail, caller ID, call-waiting, 3-way calling, call forwarding, call blocking, and do not disturb.
  4. Your VoIP Provider should offer annual plans which lower your monthly cost. Now I almost didn’t put this in because some people don’t like annual plans but it is important that the company offer this so that you know you can get the best possible deal.
  5. Your VoIP Provider should be primarily a VoIP company. Your VoIP provider should not offer other services such as TV, internet, and landline service. These all-in-one companies are good for other services but not for VoIP.
  6. Your VoIP provider should have a customer service department AND a technical service department. So that you can get the help you need when you need it.
  7. Your VoIP equipment should be easy to set up. You shouldn’t have to install any software or change any of your existing equipment. Your VoIP equipment should be “Plug-and-Play.”
  8. Your VoIP Provider should offer unlimited long distance. If you use these 8 simple rules as a guideline you will undoubtedly find a VoIP service provider that will provide you with an excellent VoIP experience.

I have included a link below to a VoIP service provider that my family and I have been using for quite some time now. We are very happy with them and their company served as a guideline for writing this article.

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