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Causes of Left-Back Pain and How to Overcome It

Left back pain can be caused by a variety of things, ranging from problems in the muscles and spine, pinched nerves, to disorders of organs in the body. If it feels heavy enough or often recur, there are several ways to deal with left back pain that you can try.

Back pain is described as a symptom of pain or aching in the back that can sometimes be accompanied by other symptoms, such as tingling or numbness. Pain that appears can also spread to the buttocks, thighs, to the feet.

Pain characteristics that arise can also vary, some persist for some time and some feel strong but disappear. In certain cases, back pain can appear for weeks or even months to cause the sufferer to have trouble doing activities.

Various Causes of Left Back Pain

Left-back pain can be caused by various things, including:

1. Injury of a muscle or muscle strain

Muscle injury or sprains can cause back pain in any part, whether left, right, up or down. This type of injury can cause pain that gets worse when moved so that sufferers will be difficult to move.

Muscle injury can be caused by an accident, too much activity, or lifting weights too heavy.

2. Nerve pinched

Each vertebra is covered by a cushion and fluid that serves to keep the spine flexible, making it easier for anybody’s movement. These pads also play a role in protecting the spinal cord from injury.

But in certain cases, injury or excessive physical activity can make these vertebral pads stick out and clamp the spinal nerves. This condition is called a pinched nerve or nucleus pulposus hernia (HNP).

This condition affects the disruption of the nerves in the spine and causes pain, including the left-back. Pain that is felt can be felt spread to the thighs, buttocks, and left or right leg (sciatica). In severe cases, HNP can cause paralysis and numbness.

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3. Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a curved spinal condition. This condition usually begins to develop in adolescence when bone growth is rapid, but it can also occur in children or even adults.

Scoliosis usually causes left or right back pain when the condition is severe enough.

4. Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is inflammation of the joints that occurs due to aging or prolonged injury to the joint cartilage. In addition to left back pain, osteoarthritis sufferers may also experience stiffness in the back and limited body movement.

5. Spinal stenosis

Spinal stenosis is narrowing that occurs due to overgrowth or calcification in the gap between vertebrae. The excess bone has an impact on the appearance of pressure on the nerves and spinal cord, causing pain in the left or right back.

6. Spinal TB

Tuberculosis or TB can attack anybody organ, including the spine. Spinal TB occurs when TB germs from other organs spread to the spine and cause damage.

This disease is more likely to occur in people who have a history of TB disease and people who have a weak immune system, for example, due to HIV infection.

When exposed to spinal TB, a person can feel symptoms such as left or right back pain, swelling in the back, fever, weight loss, and cold sweat at night.

7. Certain diseases

Back pain on the lower left can be a sign of a disease or disorder in the internal organs, such as kidney infection, kidney stones, pancreatitis, or disorders of the reproductive organs, such as endometriosis and myoma.

When an organ in the body is disrupted, the organ will deliver excitatory pain to the nerves around it. This can be felt as left back pain.

In addition to the above conditions, kyphosis, spinal tumors, poor posture, obesity, and aging can also be a cause of left back pain.

How to deal with left back pain

Effective management of left back pain needs to be adjusted according to the cause. Therefore, it is important to check with your doctor to find out what causes back pain that you experience so that these complaints can be handled appropriately.

However, to deal with left-back pain caused by sprains or minor injuries, there are a few simple treatment steps you can try to do, namely:

Give a compress

Back pain can be alleviated by giving cold compresses interspersed with warm compresses. Cold compresses can be ice wrapped in a cloth that can reduce swelling and relieve pain, while warm compresses can help relax muscles in the back. Both types of compresses can help relieve back pain.

More rest

When you have a left-back pain that is bothersome, try to rest more, don’t lift heavy items, and avoid excessive stress. During rest, you can try massage therapy to deal with back pain, but ask the therapist not to massage too hard or to grind your back.

Stay active

During rest, it does not mean it’s good to lie in bed all day. Doing certain sports, such as relaxing walking, stretching, swimming, and yoga, are also good to overcome back pain.

To determine a good yoga pose to deal with back pain, you can consult further with your doctor or with a yoga instructor.

Consuming pain medication

If you experience left-back pain that is bothersome and doesn’t improve, try taking a pain reliever, such as paracetamol. You can also apply the balm, patches, capsaicin cream, or topical medication containing sodium diclofenac on the painful back.

In addition to pain medications, back pain can also be treated with physiotherapy.

If the left-back pain does not go away even though you have tried the methods above, or if the back pain is accompanied by fever, numbness, tingling, and difficulty moving the feet, you should immediately consult a doctor so that you can be given the right treatment.

Dr Khaerul Aqmar

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