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What Causes of Left Lumbago? Read This Now #5 Symptoms

Left lumbago can be caused by various problems that occur in the structure of tissues and organs around the left lumbar. When the body gets older, bones will become more fragile and muscle mass decreases. Lumbago on the left is inevitable.

Left lumbago can spread to other areas of the body such as the buttocks, groin, and back of the thighs. The causes also vary.

Symptoms of Lumbago on the Left

Lumbago can be experienced by anyone. Symptoms that can appear in left lumbago include:

  1. The pain can get worse if we move.
  2. Sometimes the pain is accompanied by tingling or numbness in the buttocks or legs.
  3. Difficulty when you want to bend and lean back.
  4. Pain that radiates to the thighs or legs, this pain can cause complaints that interfere with difficulty walking.
  5. The muscles around the spine can experience painful cramps or spasm, which causes a stiff feeling in the waist.

What are the causes?

The left waist that hurts, can be caused by several conditions. The most frequent is due to sudden movements or improper posture when lifting heavy objects, causing injury.

Other things that can cause left lumbago including:

Tense muscles

Excessive activity or unusual movements can tense your muscles. If someone’s sudden activity involves back movements that are too heavy, then the muscles and tendons in the back can be pulled, become tense and even tear. Common symptoms of muscle tension are pain and stiffness in the waist. This condition can subside and recover after the sufferer rests and undergoes physiotherapy.


Sciatica is caused by nerve stress that connects the spinal cord and leg nerves. This can happen, when there is a shift in the nerve pads in the spine or damage to the spine, causing nerve clamping. One common characteristic of sciatica is tingling with intense pain that runs from the left or right waist to the legs and feet.

Spinal stenosis

This narrowing of the spine that causes pressure on the spinal cord is called spinal stenosis. Pressure on the spinal cord due to spinal stenosis can cause numbness, cramps, and weakness in any part of the body, depending on which nerve is compressed.

Generally, symptoms will get worse when standing or walking. The main cause of spinal stenosis is bone changes due to aging so that the spinal cord pads press on the nerves and eventually cause pain.

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Kidney disorders

Because it is located close to the waist, kidney disorders, such as kidney stones or kidney infections, can cause pain in the waist. Pain caused by disruption of this organ will be felt between the lower ribs and pelvis.

Physical injury

Damage to the muscles and bones around the left waist can also cause pain in the left waist. This complaint is generally felt sometime after the injury, can be due to hip fractures or muscles around the left waist damaged.

In women, several other conditions that may affect the appearance of pain in the left waist are ovarian cysts, endometriosis, growth of fibroid tissue in the uterus, and pregnancy.

When to see a doctor

Although in most cases lumbago can heal by itself, there are some conditions that still require a doctor’s examination.

Signs and symptoms of a left lumbago that require immediate medical examination and treatment include:

  1. Difficulty controlling urination and defecation.
  2. Paralysis or numbness in the waist and legs.
  3. Reduced mass (size) and muscle strength in both legs.
  4. Fever.
  5. Difficulty walking or walking seems lame.

Although it seems that the left lumbago is a trivial matter, you should consult a doctor if the lumbago is ongoing and/or accompanied by the above symptoms. After conducting a physical examination and support, the doctor will provide treatment to deal with complaints of left lumbago based on the cause and the severity of your condition.

Dr Khaerul Aqmar

doctor Khaerul is a Bone Surgery Specialist practicing at the Mitra Kelapa Hospital. My services are include: Orthopedic Surgery, Orthopedic Consultation, Hemiarthroplasty, Elbow Replacement Surgery, Ligament Reconstruction, Arthroscopy, Arthroplasty, Leg Replacement Surgery, Shoulder Surgery, Wrist Surgery, Hip Resurfacing Surgery, Straightening Joints, Ligament Reconstruction, Arthroscopy, Arthroplasty, Leg Replacement Surgery, Shoulder Surgery,… More »

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