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27+ New iOS 13 Features You Need to Know!

Mac iOS 13

Yesterday we discussed the new features on macOS Catalina, and now we continue to explore and see what’s new on iOS 13 features. This is a really good update for iPhone users, and without too long just read the iOS 13 review below.

1. Dark Mode (New iOS 13 features)

Okay, let’s go straight to the first new feature, this is the feature I like the most, which is the dark mode on iOS 13. The display is not much different from the Dark Mode on various Android phones at this time, appearing dark so it is comfortable at night and saving Amoled battery on screen. But in detail features, there are fresh and different, because, in addition, you can activate manually – there are also automatic features. This makes the iPhone can appear Light Mode in the morning until the evening and automatically Dark Mode when it was night. You can also adjust yourself when the light mode and dark mode will change automatically.

Not only that, but the wallpaper also supports Dark Mode. So if the dark mode is active, the wallpaper turns dark, and if the light mode is active, the wallpaper turns bright.

This dark system-wide mode appears in almost all parts of the iPhone, starting from Settings, notifications, widgets, Safari – including its reader view, as well as in all default iPhone applications, such as Notes, Photos, Mail, and others. There is also an API, so developers can make the application support Dark Mode on iOS – so the dark mode experience on the iPhone will be very consistent.

2. Optimized Battery Charging

Then the second of these features that I expect the most in a smartphone, the management of battery charging to maximize battery life in the long run. So on iOS 13, the iPhone has an Optimized Battery Charging feature, this will learn about our charging activities, and limit charging to 80%, and only continue when we really need it. The goal is that the iPhone battery is more durable in the long run by avoiding overcharge.

3. Low Data Mode

In addition, there is also a Low Data Mode feature, which is useful for reducing the use of quota on the iPhone. So if the rest of your quota package is running low, you can just activate this feature.

4. Quickly select WiFi + Bluetooth

Now, this fourth feature makes it easy to see how easy it is to choose WiFi and Bluetooth on Android with just a tap and hold it, while on the iPhone you have to enter the settings first. Now, this is no longer a problem because on iOS 13 you also just need to hold WiFi in the control center, and a list of WiFi connections will be displayed. Likewise Bluetooth, just tap it and a list of Bluetooth devices is also displayed, so it’s very simple.

5. New Volume Slider

In addition, the volume slider that used to be in the middle of covering content, now moved to the left, and it becomes thin so that it doesn’t cover the screen – then you can also slide to adjust the volume.

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6. Photos

the sixth in this Photos there is a new tab called Days. The cool thing about these days tabs is that even though we originally took a lot of photos and were alike, here will be displayed the best. So it is more clean and comfortable for seeing.

In addition, you can edit photos directly from Photos, can maximize with auto-editing, or edit manually starting from exposure, brilliance, highlight, shadow, contrast, brightness, and others. This is a very complete editing feature. But the most interesting thing for me is the noise reduction feature, to reduce noise in the photos we take.

This editing feature also applies to videos, and this editing is non-destructive, meaning you can edit and undo without damaging the original video file. So this Photos application, in addition to being a gallery, now is also a photo and video editor. Very practical.

7. QuickPath

Then on the keyboard, Apple added a new feature called QuickPath. Basically this is a swipe keyboard, so you can just swipe for typing. But it’s different from the swipe keyboard on the GBoard or Google Keyboard that has been mature because it’s been around for a while, because QuickPath is still new, and it’s still beta, so it doesn’t support all languages. For the time being, some languages are not yet supported in QuickPath – and we still have to wait so that this swipe feature can be used on the Apple keyboard with more languages.

8. Reminders Become Powerful

And the eighth, namely Reminders, has been completely revamped. After the previous version, Reminder was very poor in features, now it has been revamped to become a powerful task manager application. So you can make a List to group tasks. Then make a task reminder, set the time directly from the keyboard, can also provide attachments ranging from photos, the web, to documents, can add notes and much more. You can also create tasks by commanding SIRI, and if you tag someone, Reminder will be displayed when you chat with that person on iMessages.

Each task is automatically grouped, which must be completed today – and also in the near future.

Obviously this will be my favorite application on iOS 13 – and it might immediately replace the Task Manager application that I have been using for a fairly expensive subscription fee.

9. Calendar Support Attachment

In addition to Reminders, the calendar can now also add attachments directly from files.

10. AR is getting cooler

AR is also getting updates, now this AR is, even more, real – because it can detect people. So if there is someone behind the AR object, that person really looks behind him. It makes objects look more real.

11. App Store

Then in the App Store, now there’s an Apple Arcade tab, this is Apple’s new service where you can pay monthly, and access all the games that are there. Then in Settings, now you can download large applications using Cellular Data.

12. More Advanced Mail

Mail is also overhauled with various desktop features that are brought to mobile. So the advanced text formatting is here, you can set the text style, alignment text, even the font, and color. You can also insert photos, documents, signatures, and even scans documents using the camera.

Then if you tap the reply button, many other options will appear, such as move message, archive message, mute, and even print.

13. Cooler Notes

Notes also added new views. So if you pull down, there’s Gallery View. This is my favorite view because it’s really easy to explore, it looks like the preview, and you just have to scroll. Then you can also share folders with other people, then you can also drag and drop checklists, set up indents and also just swipe.

14. Safari is getting cooler

Safari, also do not miss getting new features. This Start Page, now there are Favorites and Frequently Visited. Then this is also cool, now there is a download manager on Safari iOS, this is like the one on Mac. So you can see the download process and open the downloaded file in one folder. By default, it is stored in the iCloud Drive download folder, but you can set it to be stored locally on the iPhone.

You can also add bookmarks directly to all open tabs, and if you tap Share on a web page, there are many share options to choose from.

15. The More Powerful Files Feature

Continue to Files, now these files become more powerful. First, you can create a folder in the iPhone’s local storage, then there is the Download folder – all downloaded files are gathered here, then you can zip the file, and scan the document. The file search is also very fast, and it says the files can already be used to explore flash drives, SD cards, and external hard drives – I haven’t tried it yet, because I don’t have an OTG port to lightning.

16. Really Practical Text Editing

Text editing is also better on iOS 13, if you open a long document, you can just hold it down, then scrub down or up like this. Then tap and swipe to select the text, pinch 3 fingers for copy, and spread 3 fingers for paste. Undo and Redo can also be done with a three-finger swipe, swipe left to undo or right to redo.

17. Can Install Fonts

You can also install Fonts on iOS to use in various favorite applications. This font can later be downloaded directly from the App Store.

18. More Complex Share Sheets

Next, if you pay attention, the share menu also changes completely. Now, this sharing menu is dynamic with a suggestion. Then you have more options too, starting with a series of contact recommendations in Messages, a row of application icons, and a long line of options menus that have a lot of things here.

19. Health

Health also gets a new feature, now you can see a summary, this is a kind of summary of your activities today, last week, and so on. Then there are also highlights, this shows our performance compared to the previous week, the previous month and the previous year. So it will be discovered whether our activity decreases or increases. Besides that, for girls, there are also features for tracking the female cycle.

In addition, you can also easily search for your health data through Search, because it has been grouped into several categories – along with detailed explanations in each category.

20. Books Features Make the Reading Spirit

Twenty, this is also interesting for you who like to read, huh? Now there are new features in Apple Books namely Reading Goals. You can set your target for a year, you want to read how many books, and later every time you read there is a time tracker that is displayed to make you more eager to read.

21. Apple Music Suitable for Karaoke

And for those of you who like karaoke, now you can sing on Apple Music because now the lyrics can already synchronize with the song, so it’s really great for karaoke. You can also tap and see the next up, you can change the order or delete it if you want.

22. Find My

Like on Mac, on the iPhone now there is also the Find My. This is a combination of Find My Friends and also Find My iPhone. So you can see the position of your friends and also the location of the device. If you tap, you can see the direction to go there, make a sound, mark it as lost, or delete the data remotely. This is an application that is very important when your Apple device is lost.

23. Phone Can Silence Unknown Calls

Two or three, there is a solution for you who is often on the same phone as foreign telemarketers or numbers, because on the Phone, now there is the Silence Unknown Callers option. So if there is an unknown telephone number, it will be directed to voice mail. This number is not a number that we have never contacted at all. Because even though it’s not stored in the contact, but if you’ve ever texted it, for example, it will be considered a known number.

24. Look Around on Maps

On Apple Maps, this now has a Look Around feature. This is if you often use Google Maps, actually it’s the same as Google Street View. So you can see the map area in 3D and navigate virtually.

25. Memoji Stickers

Furthermore, now there are Memoji Stickers, these are stickers based on animoji or memojis that we made ourselves, and they appear on the keyboard, right next to the smileys. So you can send this sticker to WA (What’s App) or others.

26. Similar to WhatsApp?

Then for the Imessages feature, now you can set your name and photo, then you can choose to share only to contacts, or to everyone. Yes, something like a profile picture on WhatsApp. Search messages are also fast and really good now because you haven’t typed anything already showing recent photos and recent contacts, so typing search results directly displayed by category. There are photos, links, etc.

27. More Strict Privacy

Then in privacy, now there is a location access option for 1x only. So the application will request every time you want to request location access.

28. Game Controller Support

On iOS 13, the iPhone also supports PS4 and Xbox One S sticks, good news for those of you who like to play games.

29. Portrait Lighting Control

Now I’m talking about new features but what I don’t have in iOS 13 that I use, because what I’m using is iOS 13 Developer Beta 1, this isn’t final, so not all features have been embedded yet. So in the final version, the photo application will get new features. There is a portrait lighting control, to change the angle and distance of lighting virtually. This is not yet in beta developer 1.

30. High Key Mono Portrait

Then there is also High Key Mono Light, for the monochrome effect in portrait photos. It also doesn’t exist in beta 1 developer yet.

31. Sign in with Apple

Then there is also the Sign In with Apple feature, which hopefully will later be widely implemented by websites and apps. So it’s like signing in with Facebook or Signing in with Google – the difference is that Sign in With Apple will only ask for Face ID or Touch ID for Apple users. Very simple.

Okay, that’s all the new features on iOS 13 that I can share today. Just write in the comments column your opinion about iOS 13, which ones are cool – which ones are not, and which ones still need to be improved.

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