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AppMakr Performance Review, Online Mobile Apps Maker Service

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In addition to offline applications, some sites also provide services to create mobile applications online, for example AppMakr. Initially, the service is devoted to create applications for iPhone users only. But now, users of Windows Phone and Android devices can also make application through AppMakr. Sadly, specifically for Android, the service is still in beta stage.

AppMakr enables anyone to create content creation applications according to the user only with the technique of “point and click”. You just follow the guide based on the steps. To use it, you must to register first. Furthermore, you will get one piece with several facilities to create mobile applications.

For entry-level developers, do not worry would find it difficult to make the application. Because, AppMakr includes guidance on the introduction and steps to build an app with video tutorials. There are 15 video tutorials on it.

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After creating a mobile application, you will be guided to publish it to the market applications (apps market) according to the device used, such as Apple’s App Store, Google Play Store, and Windows Phone Marketplace. In fact, you can also share apps that have been created to try before being shown to the app store. To earn income from your home-made app, available facilities to promote the application so that it can show ads in it.

Through the AppMakr online services, mobile users are still layman can try to develop a simple application with guide steps provided.


type online services
installation size
operating system Windows XP/Vista/7; iPhone, Windows Phone, Android


Plus: online service; There are video tutorials for beginner developers; multi-platform

Minus: –

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