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Descent|OS Review Performance, #1 Lightweight and Powerful Linux OS

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The Descent|OS Review Performance. One more derivative distro, the Ubuntu, comes with a beautiful but easy to use. Feature is also a complete and powerful. Since Ubuntu 11.04 and 11.10 using Unity desktop, many users of previous versions of Ubuntu are disappointed. The reason is, they assume that the desktop on either the new version is less friendly and less functional.

Because of that, there was a variety of distributions that attempt to resolve the issue. Various distributions are generally present as a result of modifications to the Ubuntu distro. One result of this modification is Descent | OS. Descent | OS using a base Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal). This distribution uses GNOME 2.3.2 desktop environment that has been modified to still look simple, modern, and lightweight.

Developers themselves said that the presence of Descent | OS 2.1 is a solution for those who are not satisfied with the Unity desktop / GNOME 3. Descent | OS is built and designed with simplicity. This distribution is for new users or who want to get a light and attractive.

In the Descent | OS, installed applications such as general office applications (LibreOffice Suite 3.3.4), Internet applications (Chromium 14 and Pidgin), social networking applications (Gwibber), and cloud-based data storage applications (Dropbox). In addition, some applications to run multimedia and image-based files were included. What is interesting as well, which is a terminal available Guake alternative lightweight, practical, and flexible with a more attractive appearance.

Guake a top-down terminal for GNOME desktop. That is, the terminal can be easily opened and closed simply by pressing the shortcut key F12. Although is closed, Guake be stored in RAM so that when opened will still be re-run the previous command. It is ideally suited for those who often work with Terminal.

Until now, Descent | OS 2.1 comes in a new 32-bit version. Until this article was created, the developers are still busy struggling with the 64 bit version is planned to be launched in the near future. Currently, Brian Manderville as the developers are preparing Descent | OS 3.0 is based on Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin). Precise Pangolin themselves officially to be released by the end of April 2012 so that we can be sure the version 3.0 will be available after that.

Descent | OS has an attractive appearance, light, simple, and powerful. This is thanks to the use of GNOME 2.3.2 desktop. Descent | OS can be an alternative for users who want to use an Ubuntu-based distro with a slightly different nuance.

Specification – Descent|OS Review

Installation Size32-bit (869.7 MB)
Descent|OS Review: Table of Main Specifications
descent|os review performance
Descent|OS Review

Application Launcher

Although using the classic GNOME menu display, an application launcher with the name Slingshot also included. This application will display a menu using the full screen mode.

1demo banner 300x250
descent|os review performance
Descent|OS Review

macOS Dock

Display Mac OS-style dock with Docky name. This dock, which by default, pinned on the left side of the screen with configuration options that can be set as desired.

descent|os review performance
Descent|OS Review

Guake Terminal

By default, Guake Terminal has run at startup, so it can be directly used. You can run and closed using a shortcut key, F12.



  • The use of GNOME 2 that is lighter;
  • there is Guake Terminal;
  • macOS style dock view.


  • Only the 32-bit version available.

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Score Assessment

Performance - 8
Facilities & Features - 7.5
Easiness - 8
Price - 10



Plus: The use of GNOME 2 that is lighter; there is Guake Terminal; appearance macOS style dock. Minus: Only the 32-bit version available.

User Rating: 4.5 ( 1 votes)

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