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Today it can be said almost everyone in the real world have email accounts and social networking. It can not be denied that the need to communicate all the time with family, friends, and coworkers become very popular lately. Even up until the job application and hiring process and employee searches are also done online. Through social networks like facebook, twitter, linkedin, email, and so forth, communication problems are no longer a problem and many service is also available for free.

Facebook and Twitter are increasingly popular in the world as a means for spreading information quickly and connect with your friends. Linkedin allows you to perform the recruitment process and search for jobs or employees. Almost all activities can be done through social networking. Currently available service that enables all email accounts and social networking you have are connected to one account, so you do not need to open and login to all your accounts on any different social networks, as well as your e-mail accounts too. are providing such services, which provide ease in social networking by combining into one MyLife accounts at one place.


mylife 2 is incredible People Search Engine service that allows you to find and connect with friends and contacts, manage email and social networking accounts, and monitor your online identity across the web. Not only that, you also can see who is searching for you and also removing all the unwanted Public Record, making categorize your friends and find new friends under various categories.

MyLife is not just a People Search Engine, it is more than that. This ultimate and essential web application lets you manage all your social networking accounts in one place also helps you find the public records that are available and updated by you. More focus to the Privacy of every user to make your social presence even better and safe. brings you a personal relationship manager to keep all your communication mediums in one place and that too in a well organized way. Your Emails, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can be accessed simply in a cool and easy to navigate Dashboard. That ensures, you will never miss any important updates happening around your connected Internet accounts.

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Free SignUp

Initially you can register at absolutely free. To make new contacts a subscription fee is must and has to be submitted. Plus if you want to avail the features like “reverse search engine” you have to pay an extra premium amount. With a free subscription you can get a chance to see 140 results for any search. Signing up is very simple through any of your social site. Just provide your first and last name along with your email id and some very basic details.

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The ever growing popularity of can be judged from the increased number of subscribers. The database of the site is fully loaded with 205 million US profiles working actively, 1.2 billion worldwide records and 800,000 actively paid users. popularity can be depicted that its competitors are the world’s best sites which includes Facebook, Google etc.

Conclusion has features capable of managing social networks and email. It should be noted here is the issue of privacy and security of user account data that should be the most important thing that these services can be more reliable and trustworthy. Furthermore, the addition of support for some social networking in addition to facebook, twitter, linkedin will also make it more complete forward.

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