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Treat Your Team to Promotional Pictures and More

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Sponsoring a Little League team or a corporate softball team is a great and affordable way to support the local community and get the name of your company out there. Every time that their friends and family come to a game, they’ll see your name on the uniforms and signage. You may even find that you pick up customers from rival teams too. Tradition says that team sponsors should give the players something special at the end of the season to thank them for joining. You can find a wide range of affordable products to treat those players this year.

Sports Calendars

Sports calendars are a fun gift idea for your players. Each month features a different image of the team or one of the players. You can choose from basic calendars that they can hang on their walls or smaller day planners that they can use for school or work. You’ll even find larger calendars designed for displaying on a desk. With Black River Imaging and other similar sites, you can upload your pictures and designs your own graphics. Many sponsors have fun taking pictures throughout the year of the team in action before designing their calendars.

Magazine Covers

If you sponsor a Little League team or a team of kids, you might want to take pictures of them in their uniforms. They can give those images to their families and pass out the pictures at school. Instead of relying on small prints, why not opt for a magazine cover design? These images look just like the covers of your favorite magazines, but each one has an image of one of your players on the front. You can even change the size and color of the font and create headlines about your team.


Many businesses the sponsor teams look for ways to feature those teams around their offices. A fun way to do that is with a special and custom picture. Metal pictures use the images that you supply and engrave those images into a piece of metal. You can add that image to a plaque to display it on a wall in your office. You can also use those images in the trophies that you hand out at the end of the season. With pictures, magazine covers and other promotional items, you can show your pride in your team and treat your players at the same time.

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