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Computer Forensics

Taking Criminal Forensic Science into the 21st Century

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Forensics has been the forefront of capturing criminals for centuries. However, technology has continued to advance over the years providing more viable methods of proving or disproving evidence. Thanks to the micro developments of the 21st century, forensic science can be improved even further. Using devices such as the electronic microscope can allow professionals to detect some of the smallest anomalies within virtually any material.

The Proper Lighting

Unlike microscopes of the past, electronic counterparts utilize a backlight and a top LED light that often encircles the camera lense. This allows proper lighting to help in analysis regardless of the target’s density or ambient light levels. The proper amount of light is vastly important as it may illuminate evidentiary objects that could be easily overlooked otherwise. In some situations, the smallest piece of evidence is capable of convicting a criminal or setting free an innocent person. This is one of the reasons why lighting is incredibly important to the project.

Highly Detailed Analysis

As digital camera technology continues to advance, so does the ability to zoom. Some electronic microscopes are capable of using one-micron resolution optical encoders which provide an incredibly amount of detail to imagery. Analysts need to be able to identify these small details with clarity in order to make an informed decision. Without this clarity, it could be next to impossible to provide forensic evidence to support various claims.

Export and Saving

Many electronic microscopes and x-ray units are capable of exporting and saving images in a variety of file formats. This allows others to view the findings without installing specific software. In most situations, these machines utilize some of the most common file types for images including JPG. If you have a networked x-ray device, you could send images of the findings directly to someone’s smartphone almost instantly. This could help reduce processing time while giving an investigator immediate, and possibly crucial, evidence during almost any situation.

As technology continues to develop, most emergency services gain abilities to provide safety and security to communities. With each innovation, humankind moves ever closer to providing a perfect system for helping others. Click here for more information about how your department could benefit from an electronic microscope developed for the 21st century. Important decisions, treatments and propositions could rely on the findings regarding some of the smallest pieces of evidence. An innocent individual may be relying on your ability to discover the truth.

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