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3 Effective Curb Appeal Upgrades for Commercial Properties

The easy tips to enhance your commercial property.

Wondering why curb appeal is important to your small business? An attractive commercial space entices existing customers, as well as new ones, to take a closer look at what your business has to offer. Follow these three effective techniques that enhance the look of any commercial property.

1. Update the Lighting

Lighting is an important component of curb appeal. Good lighting not only highlights the architecture of your commercial building and the landscaping around it, but it also provides customers with the assurance that they’ll be safe as they stop and shop. Give your exterior lighting an upgrade by installing new fixtures that use LED bulbs. Consult the experts in commercial wiring Philadelphia to upgrade your electrical system to accommodate this switch. You’ll make your building more attractive and give customers a warmer welcome instantly.

2. Improve Parking Areas

Remember that the areas around your building have an impact on curb appeal, too. Parking areas, in particular, can drag down the appearance of an otherwise attractive commercial property. If your parking lot is showing any signs of wear, consult professional pavers to bring these areas into an acceptable condition. Often, a simple resurfacing does the job, but if you do need a full replacement be sure to upgrade to the perpetual pavement – it holds up to the elements and looks great for years to come.

3. Add Landscaping

One of the best ways to give a business a more welcoming appearance is by using landscaping. You can do this even if you don’t have a dedicated area of green space to maintain. Simply install planter boxes near your entry doors and fill them with ornamental grasses and perennials. The color and texture are eye-catching and draws customers in through your doors.

Set your business apart from the competition by investing in quality curb appeal upgrades. Try each of the steps above (3 Effective Curb Appeal Upgrades for Commercial Properties) and give your commercial space a more polished, professional look.

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