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3 Ways To Practice Gun Safety

How to use your gun safely

If you are new to owning a firearm, you should have educated yourself about all of the safety procedures that come with owning a gun. You have the right to bear arms, but you also have the responsibility to learn to use them. Here are three ways to use your gun safely.

1. Unload

First time gun owners may be tempted to leave their guns loaded even when they are not in use, but this is a terrible idea. If someone gets their hands on your gun without your permission and is not trained to use it or has malicious intent, it could end badly. Always unload your gun when you are not using it.

2. Protection

You should always be wearing the proper gear when you fire your gun. Protection is especially important for the more fragile parts of your head, especially your ears and eyes. Goggles and earplugs are essential, but it is never a bad idea to have protective clothing either. Guns can be unpredictable, so keeping yourself and others safe always needs to be at the top of your list of priorities.

3. No Alteration

If you are a mechanically-minded person, it can be tempting to alter your gun to make it more fun for you to use. This is a bad idea. Guns are specifically designed to work exactly how they are designed, so if you alter it, you are taking full legal responsibility for anything that might happen. If you need to alter your gun, bring it to a professional for servicing.

Many people feel safer owning a gun, and new people purchase guns every year. As long as everyone works towards safety education, this is not a bad thing. Encourage all the gun owners you know to educate themselves about the safest way to use their firearms.

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