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3 Easy Ways to Find Laptop PC Specs Easily, the Most Complete 100% Works

How to find laptop specs is really easy and doesn't take long! You don't believe it? Here's the easiest way to find laptop PC specs!

How to find laptop PC specs that you have is really easy and it doesn’t take long to tamper with the system. This guide is done especially for those of you who might be still in doubt, are the specifications of your laptop now the same as advertised?

It would be ridiculous if you paid the price for the best Core i7 laptop, but what you get has a much slower processor. To avoid cases like this, it is important for you as a smart user to know how to find laptop specifications.

How to Find Laptop and Computer Specifications

You must often see in the world of gadgets, where many cellphones are of the same type but have different RAM and memory specifications, right?

The laptop world is arguably the extreme version because many laptops have the same name but have completely different machines. After you waste money on a 16GB RAM laptop, make sure that the laptop you bring home does have 16GB RAM.

Well, to help you guys, here CnwinTech will discuss 3 ways to find the most complete laptop and computer specifications!

1. How to find laptop PC Specs in the Control Panel

how to find laptop pc specs easily works 100%
How to find laptop PC Specs: Win 10 System

The Windows operating system from Microsoft itself actually provides a way to view laptop specs directly from the system through the Control Panel. There are several ways to check computer and laptop specs that you can use on Windows and here, CnwinTech will explain the most universal method.

In this example, CnwinTech is using the Windows 10 operating system and older operating systems may have a slightly different language.Note

1.1. Open File Explorer

Right-click on the Start Menu icon and select the File Explorer option. On some computers, this option can also be accessed via the icon on the Taskbar.

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3 easy ways to find laptop pc specs easily 02
How to find laptop PC Specs: Step 1

1.2. Open the ‘Properties’ menu from “This PC”

On the right side of the screen, look for the “This PC” option. On older versions of Windows, this option usually appears as “Computer“. Right-click on the option and select the Properties option to check the laptop specs.

3 easy ways to find laptop pc specs easily 03
How to find laptop PC Specs: Step 2

1.3. Information is displayed

At this point, you have also succeeded in seeing the specifications of a Windows 10 laptop.

3 easy ways to find laptop pc specs easily 04
How to find laptop PC Specs: Step 3

Unfortunately, how to check laptop and computer specifications using this one method can only see the processor, RAM, and version of the operating system on the computer.

Oh, you can also find the laptop specs above in various versions of Windows. Be it Windows 7, 8, or 10. So, for those of you who want to know how to check your Windows 7 laptop processor, you can try the steps above.

2. How to Find Laptop Specifications via DxDiag

3 easy ways to find laptop pc specs easily 05
How to find laptop PC Specs: Microsoft Windows DirectX Application

One more way to find Windows 10 laptop specifications is to use the DxDiag tool which is part of the Direct X programming interface.

Unlike the previous method above, DxDiag has become a ritual for gamers because it can be used as a way to check the best VGA gaming laptop.

This method can be used for all versions of Windows so those of you who are looking for a way to view Windows 10 computer specs don’t need to worry.

2.1. Open the ‘Run’ program

On the keyboard, simultaneously press the key Win + R (Windows key and R key) to enter the Run program menu.

2.2. Type ‘dxdiag’

Type dxdiag in the command box provided and click the OK button to run the diagnostic tool.

3 easy ways to find laptop pc specs easily 06
How to find laptop PC Specs: Step 1

2.3. Laptop spec information is displayed

The complete specifications of your laptop will be displayed on the screen.

3 easy ways to find laptop pc specs easily 07
How to find laptop PC Specs: Step 2

2.4. Select the option ‘Display’ to view VGA

Click the Display option to see VGA information on your laptop.

3 easy ways to find laptop pc specs easily 08
How to find laptop PC Specs: Step 3

3. How to Check Laptop Specifications via HWiNFO

For those who need a more comprehensive way to check computer and laptop specifications, you can use the HWiNFO computer spec checking application.

This application not only can be used to check laptop specifications but moreover, you can also monitor the condition of your laptop in real-time!

For those whose laptops are often used for heavy needs, this application is important because it can detect problems with your laptop before it dies completely.

3.1. Install the HWiNFO application

Download and install the HWiNFO application via the link we have provided below.

Installer Version
for Windows (32/64-bit)
Portable Version
for Windows (32/64-bit)
HWiNFO Latest Version (Installer)
HWiNFO Latest Version (Portable)
How to find laptop PC Specs: Step 1 Download Now HWiNFO Latest Version

3.2. Click the ‘Run’ button

Open the application and click the Run button. Ignore the Sensors-only and Summary-only options on the right.

3 easy ways to find laptop pc specs easily 09
How to find laptop PC Specs: Step 2

3.3. Check the laptop specifications

On the main screen, you can check all the laptop components in detail, from the CPU, GPU, RAM, to the motherboard.

3 easy ways to find laptop pc specs easily 10
How to find laptop PC Specs: Step 3

How to find the specifications of this laptop is a bit more technical, but the information contained is 100% complete!

The final word

Those are 3 ways to find Windows laptop specifications. When it comes to gadgets, what’s on the inside is more important than what it looks like on the outside.

For those of you whose laptop specifications are high but the laptop is still problematic, maybe you can check how to deal with a slow laptop from CnwinTech.

Which is the way to find the Windows 10 computer specs that you think are the most effective? Is there any unclear information? Share in the comments column!

Also, read more articles about laptops or other interesting tech tips and tricks articles only at CnwinTech.

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