Complete Performance Review: HTC Sensation Rhyme, Android Feminine Abundant Accessories

Looking at female population in the world that far more than men, it is natural for women to be treated special. But making products specifically for women, especially cell phones is not an easy job, vendor branded countless rarely launched a mobile phone for women. If any, only a special edition from the actual phone for all people such as Galaxy S Femme or multiple choice feminine color fashion phone like Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray pink.

This time HTC tested the deserted market competitor. It is HTC Rhyme which was asked as the Ladies phone armed with look and the accessories that “true girls”.


Dimensions: 11.9 x 6.08 x 1.09 cm, 130 grams; full touchscreen; unibody, metal materials, plastic and gorilla glass; 3.5 mm audio port, power/lock button; volume rocker; mic port; microUSB port (around phones from top side). 4 capacitive buttons below the screen (home, menu, back and search)

This phone has a dimension which very fitting for a woman, not too big nor too small. And although considered the Ladies phone, not separated from strong impression of this phone because Rhyme coated with aluminum material unibody HTC unique.

The most impressed “ladiesphone” from Rhyme of course the color choices that look feminine and elegant. Some of back side phone can be opened to insert the SIM card and microSD, but mobile phone batteries embedded behind the aluminum that connect from front side and can not be accessed by users (embedded).


S-LCD touch screen capacitive, 16 million colors, 480 x 800 pixels, 3.7 inches (~ 252 ppi pixel density), multi touch, Gorilla glass

With the difference in screen sizes up to 1 inch than Sensation XL, Rhyme equipped with a screen resolution which equivalent to these massive sized phone. This makes Rhyme has a pixel density levels are higher and sharper images.

Rhyme screen also has a low contrast, but it did not seem like a big problem for women who generally prefer pastel colors.

Operating System and UI

Android OS, v2.3.5 (Gingerbread), HTC Sense UI 3.5

Like the Sensation XL, Rhyme also use the Android Gingerbread operating system with HTC Sense UI new version, 3.5. You will still find that there are active lockscreen attractive since the HTC Sense UI version 3.0. Unfortunately 6 option active lockscreen has not increased than previous.

Slight differences appear on homescreen, shortcuts all apps, phone and personalize that converges on the arc-shaped section at the bottom of screen now removed and replaced with two icons left corner and bottom right, each of all apps and phone.

A Typically HTC widget weather also appear to change the design and layout which previously regular placed on the top of the screen now moves to the bottom of the screen. While Leap View typical HTC Sense UI which presents seventh homescreen panels can still be displayed by pressing the home button when it is on main panel homescreen or pinch screen when you are on homescreen. In meantime, main menu not seem changed.


1 GHz Scorpion processor, Qualcomm MSM8255 chipset, Adreno 205 GPU, RAM: 768MB, Internal Storage: 4 GB (can only used 1GB), external: microSD up to 32GB, 1600mAh battery.

Rhyme use the chipset and GPU (graphics processing unit) that exactly with Sensation XL’s, but with a processor that has a lower clockspeed.

The specifications like this should be sufficient to meet the needs of the operating system Gingerbread with standard applications, but it seems to be quickly left behind considering the number of dual-core smartphone that have sprung up recently.


Application used: Quadrant Standard Edition by Aurora Softwork and Antutu Benchmark v2.5.4 by Antutu

Tested using Quadrant application, Rhyme scored 1379, above the another phone in graph/chart that average also use single core processors.

Meanwhile, when using Antutu applications, this phone scored 2800, placing it under the Galaxy S.


Headset, Pouch, Charm and Docking Station

In addition to color, things that also reinforces feminine impression Rhyme is accessories that are included in the sales package. In addition to cable Data and charger, HTC provides a free pouch or cell phone leather gloves are simple but elegant, headset, charm and docking station.

Rhyme default headset is not a premium product from Beats Audio like yours Sensation XE and XL, but still has an elegant design with a flat cable-like anti-wrinkle on one of Beats products, Tour.

Charm works by plugged 3.5mm to the gates audio, and accessories are very useful for women who often keep the phone in a carry case/bag, since end part of pendulum which is placed outside the bag will light up when the phone receives calls or messages. Users can also use a powerful charm cables and coated fabric to pull the phone out, than to seek it among the piles of goods stored in bag.

Docking station is equally interesting, they can be used for charging battery at the same time as speaker. Display on the phone screen will automatically switch to docking mode when placed above.

Camera Photo

5 MP, 2592x1944 pixels, autofocus, LED flash, Geo-tagging, face detection, touch focus, HDR, auto-upload; Secondary VGA

Interface camera features in Rhyme exactly same as the HT Sensation XL possessed. Presents a wide viewfinder screen appears with several settings icon on right side, while two icons are upper and lower left corner, and the effects of each gallery (in landscape position with the upper part phone located on the left).

Like the Sensation XL, Rhyme also has features HDR (High Dynamic Range) where the phones will combine two images with different exposure settings into one image so that the resulting image can display all of the desired object even if such objects are in the foreground receive less light than in background.

Camera results

HTC Rhyme produces images with detail and good contrast, natural colors and low noise. There was no excessive sharpness.

You can directly edit the pictures you take by pressing Enhance icon that replace the effect icon on interface camera features. There are 14 choices effect and the 6 frame options on this feature.

Photos taken Rhyme camera can also be directly upload to Facebook or Flickr thanks to auto upload feature that owned HTC Sense UI 3.5.

Video Recorder

The maximum resolution HD (1280X720), zoom, effect, video light, slo-mo video recording (2x @ WVGA)

as well as XL Sensation, video recorder feature Rhyme can capturing video with a resolution 720p (HD). And an attractive users can apply a slow-motion effect on the recorded video to give a dramatic impression on the video.

Internet Browser

Multi-tabs, RSS feeds, HTML, bookmarks, history, downloads, pinch zoom, share page.

Its lay an Android phone, Rhyme browser also has a myriad of features. You can open a tab browsing muti display with perform pinch zoom out.


  • Unibody Design
  • Android Gingerbread
  • A lot of bonus accessories on sales package
  • HTC Sense 3.5


  • No application for women


According to CnwinTech, a feminine has been successfully realized HTC on design, color and special accessories Rhyme. But unfortunately the price tag that offered still too high for a phone with a single core processor. Luckily Rhyme provided bonus with rich accessories. Additional applications such as calendar-girls ‘menstruation’ should perfecting Rhyme position as a feminine phone.

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