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The Impact of Ultrasonic Devices on Modern Society

Unquestionably, sound is the most important medium that mankind uses to transmit information. The primary way that humans transmit information with sound is by talking. Video programs found on the television, computer, and on small devices use a mixture of sound and video to transmit ideas. Interestingly, ultrasonic devices are using higher frequencies of sound to change the way that people interact with what they hear.

A great example of this is the ultrasonic pest repellent devices that are commonly available on the market today. These pest repellent devices promise to cause bugs, rats, and other small animals to scurry away at the sound of the device. The reason why these ultrasonic devices are thought to work is because smaller animals like mice, rats, and even some dogs and cats are able to hear farther into the ultrasonic range of sound than humans can. So while the sound is completely undetectable to humans, for these smaller animals, it is annoying enough to make them avoid certain areas.

Another way ultrasonic devices are affecting modern society is in the area of personal safety. It seems that crime against individuals who are poorly equipped to defend themselves is on the rise. This has led to the creation of ultrasonic self-defense devices.

These devices will emit a very controlled narrow beam of audio that is directed at the individual who is attacking. What makes ultrasonic sound different than the sound that is in the audible range for humans is that audible sound is omni-directional. It moves everywhere. Ultrasound only travels in one direction.

The effect of an ultrasonic self-defense device has been compared to that of a stun gun. The sound, the amplitude change, and the fluctuation in frequency cause an individual to feel nausea, discomfort, and irritation.

Ultrasonic Repair

Of course, these are just a couple examples of how ultrasonic technology is altering the way that modern society lives. Modern medicine has made good use of ultrasonic technology. Understandably, businesses that specialize in ultrasonic repair are busy producing parts designed to fix those that might break on the ultrasonic devices.

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