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Experienced Medical Package Testing and Consulting

Experienced Medical Package Testing and Consulting 2

Durable, yet easy-to-access packaging is a necessity when shipping medical devices to market. They need to be heavy-duty enough to withstand the rigors of shipping, but not too difficult for people to open. Product package testing is a necessary part of ensuring you are providing items that are safe to use and get to their destination without getting damaged.

Complete Analysis

Expert consultants will take a look at all aspects of your packaging, instructions for use and warnings. A total analysis of the effectiveness and safety of the packaging will save your company from having products recalled, or deemed poor quality by customers. Packaging for medical products is assumed to provide a sterile, ready-to-use product that has clear instructions for use. Anything less will need to changed and upgraded for a successful product launch.

Medical Packaging Integrity

Seals and closures for medical products should be secure at the start and stay that way during transport to sales locations. You can have the desired packaging tested to see if it can withstand the rigors of shipment and storage without being compromised in some way. There is a design, coupled with the right materials, providing the ability to get your product to market in excellent condition.

Prevention of Package Failure

Package failure can happen for many reasons. It might not be the right materials to withstand serious temperature fluctuations. Some cheap plastics have a low melting point. The thickness of the material may not be big enough. Products can tear through the packaging when being moved during the shipping process. Defective seals and lids can account for other failures in reducing the quality of the product. A consultant will look at every failure to determine the exact cause and work towards finding the perfect solution.

Guarantee of Safety for Use

Consumers want to know that the medical products they purchase and use are safe. Extra care should be taken to offer the guarantee that all packaging is designed with their safety and comfort levels in mind. Meeting and exceeding the standards should be paramount to any medical product company.

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