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Why Construction Safety Services Are Worth the Investment, 4 Valid Reasons

Investments That Will Save You Money and Ensure Safety in Construction Site.

The Construction Safety Services Investment. Construction is a risky business. One misstep can cost a company’s bottom line, not just in dollars but also in reputation. While the initial investment in construction safety services may seem high, it is worth the money.

Reduced Risk of Injuries

Construction safety services can greatly reduce the risk of injuries on the job. This is because workers injured on the job require time off and often incur costly workers’ compensation claims that may even cause small businesses to go bankrupt.

By providing proper training and equipment, these risks can be minimized. For example, exercise to use the tools of the trade properly can prevent musculoskeletal injuries such as back and neck strain. Additionally, implementing procedures such as marking off areas of the site where electrical systems are present and providing CPR certification training for a few staff members can help minimize response time in an emergency and save lives.

Furthermore, a comprehensive workplace survey, such as a job hazard analysis (JHA), can identify and provide training on minimizing existing and potential hazards. This can drastically reduce struck-by accidents, common in the construction industry, costing companies billions yearly in worker compensation claims.

Increased Productivity

Investment in construction safety services can significantly increase productivity, particularly for contractors who prioritize safety training and foster a safe work culture. Employees who feel valued and supported by their managers regarding their well-being and safety tend to be more engaged and productive.

In addition, implementing and maintaining safety measures can help prevent costly project delays due to injuries or OSHA violations. These expenses can quickly add up, cutting into profit margins.

In addition, keeping up with regular training and rehearsal can minimize response times in the event of an accident. For example, an employee with CPR certification can help until emergency responders arrive. Improving safety procedures on construction sites is crucial because time is a valuable resource and every minute counts. Please refer to this article for more information on the positive impact of safety measures on productivity.

Reduced Insurance Costs

A strong safety program is essential if your construction clients want to reduce workers’ compensation insurance costs. For every dollar spent on safety programs, companies typically see a $5 return as illnesses, injuries, and fatalities decline.

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With a tight labor market, it’s important to prioritize safety to attract and retain a skilled workforce. In addition, construction firms need to find ways to increase productivity to compete with other contractors and meet project deadlines.

Providing comprehensive training on health and safety protocols can help your insureds stay competitive with bids for jobs by eliminating expensive uninsurable expenses that come with an accident or a workers’ comp claim, like lost time, material loss, and legal fees. In addition to training, making health and safety processes accessible with cloud-based mobile apps can further streamline communication and increase productivity. This includes digitizing and centralizing safety meetings that can be accessed from anywhere by any team member, no matter where they’re located on the job site.

Increased Reputation

Safety is a priority in the construction industry because it helps establish a good reputation for companies. It also allows them to lower costs by reducing expenses related to medical care, lost wages, lawsuits, disaster mitigation, and insurance premiums.

A safe work practice program that includes training, hazard identification, and monitoring helps prevent accidents and incidents on a job site. This allows workers to respond quickly to emergencies, helping mitigate damage and minimize injuries.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) sets standards and regulates working conditions for all US employers. OSHA also conducts outreach, education, and assistance.

A high EMR can disqualify a company from bidding on certain projects. A solid safety program is essential for the reputation of a construction business and helps it attract quality workers. A safety program’s direct and indirect costs are often worth the investment. Dodge Data and Analytics has found that contractors see a return on their investment in construction safety services.

why construction safety services are worth the investment
Construction Safety Services Investment

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