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These are Factors that can be Analyzed If Notebook Having Damage/Error

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The advantages Notebook as a technological device that can always be relied upon to complete the task/work wherever and whenever make a greater role in our lives today. So do not be surprised if you become agitated when your favorite notebook is broken, whether it is caused by factors from within or from the outside notebook itself.

You certainly know how this one laptop computer costs more affordable and make desktop PCs more and more marginalized. Plus currently, the notebook comes in slim dimensions and lightweight, but still qualified to bring the performance to work hard though.

Well, so the importance of a notebook as a friend to someone in storing data, or conquer a job, make a “weapon” we must be well cared for. It’s good if you could also analyze the factors that can be used as an indication that a favorite notebook is experiencing problems. Thus, appropriate actions or steps can be done so damage notebook is not getting worse.

Usually, there are some damage notebook characteristics that can you meet, such as:

  • Power Failure (death). If your notebook unexpectedly dies, the component must first check is a battery in a notebook. No need to panic, because a notebook which suddenly dies could be because the battery runs out completely. Perform recharge at notebook at least half an hour then try to turn on back. Other factors can also cause a notebook off due to an adapter whose performance has declined. In addition, a totally broken motherboard on a laptop can also make a notebook also totally dead.
  • The power lamp is on but the LCD does not display images. If you’ve ever experienced anything like this, check with an external monitor to install the VGA port on the notebook. Turn on your notebook, if still dead, it could be because VGA is damaged or it could be due to processor, mainboard, or RAM which dirty or damaged. But if the external monitor can display an image, it means that the LCD on the notebook is broken. Problems can be found on the LCD inverter, LCD flexible cable, and so forth.
  • Overheating. One common problem on a notebook is the occurrence of overheating or excessive heat in the notebook. This is actually reasonable because the notebook casing itself is filled with lots of components and provides almost no empty space. Usually, this occurs due to blocked drains heat on the heatsink is covered with dust. Therefore, it is a better notebook to have a periodic cleaning schedule which may be done at the nearest service center.
  • The damage to the notebook charger. Usually, the symptoms are when your notebook does not want to charge in, power indicator lamp is off, notebook charging in life position, but it actually dies, and the screen is not stable.
  • Bring a notebook to the nearest service center. One thing that is recommended if you run into some problems above, you should immediately go straight to the nearest service center to get further treatment. Do not be hasty in taking your own actions, especially if you are not aware of it.

Well, it has been understood that symptoms usually appear when a favorite notebook damaged? Remember and do the right thing to ya!

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