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The Zenni Optical Future Eyeglasses, Emerging Optical Technology Info Graphic

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Glasses are one of the most important discoveries in the history of human life. Glasses were first discovered about 3000 years ago, which at that time its function is as a magnifying glass. The materials used are also not a lens glass but a crystal stone. In a short time, eyeglasses began in production with a simple lens quality and its use is tedious. At that time, only two glasses lens to be joined without the stalk and placed on the bridge of his nose. The user also must keep hold. Because the installation was complicated and impractical, sunglasses be not popular.

Then performed a variety of ways to make the glasses comfortable to wear. There is a small chain installed on both sides of the glasses and tied at the back of the head, like a swimmer’s goggles, there are more glasses linking to the cap. It was inconvenient, even annoying, especially when it comes to read inside the room or open the cap when giving a greeting. Until the end, appear the idea to put stalks so that the glasses can be linked to the ear.

And time after time, along with the development in computer technology and globalization in fields of science and industry, eyeglasses become more functional as well as being more practical, both in terms of size, shape, and style that is well adapted to the evolving trends in fashion and modeling. This is an effect on developing technologies such as contact lenses, ultra microscopes, binoculars, until the 3D eyeglasses that make visualization captured by our eye as if it were real in front of us.

And now, developments in the field of communication and internet technology is so rapid in many parts of the world, also affects the eyeglasses for more adopted various technologies to petrify the human race. Now, we have found out that google while expanding the future eyeglasses with features that are very unique to support a variety of platforms such as android, google earth, etc.. This rumor has we talked little in previous articles.

Emerging Technology InfoGraphic

Eyeglasses continue to evolve into functional and stylish accessories. Emerging technology takes glasses to a whole new level, stylish glasses, and future eyeglasses also developed by Zenni Optical.

Lens technology developed by Zenni Optical is expected to combine the advantages of various techniques in developing eyeglasses of the future. It is of course also be comparable to the price, at which time after launch and mass-produced, can be enjoyed by various circles, mainly circles who have vision problems or blind people. See the picture below about Zenni Optical technologies are applied to eyeglass lenses. Finally and as a conclusion, for those of you who want to get more details about the Emerging optical technology graphic information, please visit the links above.

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