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Wowza Media Server Performance Review, High-Performance Video Server Software


Cloud computing which has been implemented in wide-range strategic IT industry is now able to transform existing business models, especially in the online data storage and media streaming. As a leading IT services company focus on media server software, Wowza presents by bringing cloud services features that are safe and secure, fast, and reliable on their Media Server products that have become one of the leading products for companies which emphasizes on quality and reliability.

Media Server can transform multimedia data streaming such as videos, audios, images, high-definition and digital TV on the fast and stable cloud server machine and accessed securely through the high-performance Internet backbone (10 Gbps per server). With the support of these devices, you can enjoy multimedia streaming on any screen, live streaming on your computer, mobile device, and IPTV/OTT able to run smoothly with full range of features support and functionality offered by Wowza.

Advantages Wowza Media Server

Wowza has myriad feature just like media streaming and video server software. Media server features are categorized based on its function includes features live video streaming, on-demand video, video chat, and video recording where each of this feature has a different effect so can help them to target its audiences to achieve video streaming server experience qualities to your valuable consumers.

Wowza Media Server supports the trial license for 30 days so you can try it before you decide to buy their products at a cheaper price compared to its competitors (such as Adobe FMIS 4.5). After the trial period expired, you can buy a regular license per instance by selecting the licenses offered that fits with your needs: daily, montly, or perpetual.

Support various types of add-ons to enhancing and extending the media server functionalities where the add-ons will work and well-integrate when you first activated. Unfortunately, these add-ons are not free, so you need to buy a license offered.

Wowza is a well-branded companies that has long involved in media server software and have experienced in handling different industrial projects, enterprise-class companies, and organizations in delivering multimedia streaming services. More than 120.000 global licenses spread across 150 countries in various industries, organizations and even governments have used and entrusted Wowza as one of their reliable partner.

Good support plus clear and complete documentation on range of products they offered will bringing more confidence for each clients Wowza. In addition, support via email and also forums are always active and openly to build a communities that grows quickly between Wowza and their customers.

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Supporting variety of popular operating systems today. Wowza Media Server Software supports a range of popular operating systems and is widely used in various strategic industries, including enterprise and government. Operating systems supported including Windows (such as Win Server 2012|2008|2003, 7, Vista, and XP); All Linux distributions variant; Mac OS; UNIX; Solaris.


For complete specs and also requirements to run this application on your machine, see list of full specification here.


Wowza Media Server is perfect for those of you who want to provide streaming video software qualified and classy on your clients, supported excellent of benefits, features, and high-resources. In addition, it is also supported with many add-ons, well documentation, and 24 hour support via Wowza. It should be noted that the minimum hardware specs to run this software smoothly are pretty little higher since this is server class.

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